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File Destroyer
Author: Arneckian Submitted: 9th July, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Application Downloads: 70

Edited By Tyscorp© on 7/9/2006

Edited By Tyscorpİ on 7/9/2006

File Destroyer is a program that safely and securely overwrites and deletes up to 8 files at a time. Makes files impossible to be recovered.

How to use:
To add a file to the deletion list, simply drag files or click Add File to add files manually. Then just click Delete.

Easy Interface
Drag and Drop
8 File Deletion

Created By: Tyscorpİ and Firespell [Sumgoo]

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Posted by NeoHunter 9th July, 2006

A mean, green, file killing machine indeed :3
Posted by Wicked Studios 9th July, 2006

ive actually found a better version of this, and its integrated into windows already! hold ctrl while clicking the files youd like deleted. when your ready to delete, press the "delete" key on your keyboard! awesome!
Posted by DELETED!_by account owner 9th July, 2006

..... LOL
@Wicked Studios: That doesnt delete it The file can easily be recovered. This program Deletes files with no chance of recovery.
Posted by Arneckian 10th July, 2006

@Phizzy: Ummm, may I ask who?
Posted by Arneckian 10th July, 2006

When a file is deleted from the recycle bin, it is still actually on the computer, it just is hidden and appears to be free space.
Posted by steve 10th July, 2006

@wicked studios: are you trying to be funny?
Posted by Nova Soft 10th July, 2006

I made something based on the same concept yet with 10 times better functionality and a nicer interface about 6 months ago

Posted by Whippers With 10th July, 2006

Yes!! Now my mother can't use these recovery programs to track my p0rn anymore!!
Posted by DELETED!_by account owner 11th July, 2006

@NovaSoft: Can i see it?
Posted by Arneckian 11th July, 2006

@Whispers Within: Can i see it?

Posted by DaVince 11th July, 2006

@Whispers Within: But she can track what you just said...

@Wicked Studios: when you delete a file, it still stays on disk, but the thingy that tells the computer where the file is is deleted, and the spot is marked 'free'.
With programs like this one, you overwrite this place with either random gibberish or spaces or whatever. Who knows they're actually putting in a secret message...

Anyway, I don't like using programs like these for the reason I sometimes DO want files back. Nice program though.
Posted by DaVince 24th August, 2006

Doesn't work, I was able to recover my file.





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