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File Destroyer 2
Author: Arneckian Submitted: 12th August, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Application Downloads: 68

Edited By Tyscorpİ on 8/12/2006

Recently released was Novasoft and Phizzy's File Shreadder. I previously made (with Firespell) a file deleter call File Destroyer. And now, to fight back, here is FD2. Formerly known as File Destroyer 2 - The Tale of the Un-Deletable File.

-Deletion list of up to 20
-11 overwrights
-Overwrights with random CHARACTERS not numbers or letters

Made by: Tyscorp, Firespelly(Glockenspiel)

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Posted by The Chris Street 12th August, 2006

A bit petty, don't you think?
Posted by -Nick- 12th August, 2006

Sorry to sound nooby, but when people say "rewrites the file up to 10 times!!!" etc, surely just writing over it once with a line of 0s does the trick?

Either way im sticking with Shredder, which i got off the internet and builds itself in the the windows right click menu. Nice and easy.
Posted by Pixelthief 12th August, 2006

I was under the impression you need to rewrite it 11 times.

Why don't we just do 20 and be safe ~_~
Posted by Nova Soft 12th August, 2006

"Much better deletion than File Shredders"

Lol, firespell... You don't have a fucking clue how File Shredder even works you silly litte plonker. Do you have evidence to back this claim up?

Not that I care, really, I think it's cute you're trying to 'outdo' me
Posted by Arneckian 12th August, 2006

@Circy: Yes. Lol.
@Nick: You can reverse it.
@Pixeltheif: I tried 20 but FD2 keeps freezing.
@Phizzy [Erectionprods]: syjhjgf!!!111oneoneone???
@NovaSoft: There was no evidence so I removed it.
Posted by -Nick- 12th August, 2006

If it can be reversed, where is the data of what it originally was kept?
Posted by Nova Soft 12th August, 2006

Lol, good boy Tyscorpİ... I wasn't bothered really
Posted by Dr. James MD 14th August, 2006

Doesn't Windows already have a secure delete of some sort? The family PC seems to have it on the recycle bin menu.
Posted by Nova Soft 14th August, 2006

Oh, by the way...

-Overwrights with random CHARACTERS not numbers or letters

If that was aimed at File Shredder, it actually did have a random character overwrite feature (that's what ASCII is). I get the feeling you n00bs never actually tried File Shredder.
Posted by DaVince 15th August, 2006
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Overwriting 10 times makes no sense. If you know how a hard disk works, you'd know that overwriting it with random data once would be enough.

The thing is, there are tiny magnets all over a hard disk, all either pointing one way for 1 and another way for 0. Set these magnets to something random (eg. overwriting it) and they're gone. GONE.

Oh, and jealous of Novasoft, aren't we? Pfft. Where and why's there "competition"? Hoping you can do better, because someone randomly posted an old project, thinking he did it because he wants to 'own' you?
Posted by DaVince 15th August, 2006
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What's an overwright btw?
Posted by DaVince 15th August, 2006
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@Jimmy: that just skips the recycle bin and deletes the file. It can still be recovered with certain apps, unless you use a file shredder.
Posted by Arneckian 16th August, 2006

Tripple Post...
Posted by Arneckian 16th August, 2006

Tripple Post...
Posted by Arneckian 16th August, 2006

It is possible to recover file overwritten.
Posted by DaVince 24th August, 2006
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It is not. Did you read what I said?

Stubborn ol' fool.
Posted by DaVince 12th July, 2010
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This software is 100% useless.





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