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Ninja Business ( DEMO ) v2
Author: alperoz49 Submitted: 14th July, 2006 Favourites:0
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Edited By alperoz49 on 7/16/2006

Ninja Business ( DEMO 2 )

-49 Games Studios-

Hello again m8s. After DEMO 1 released it got comments like "gfx from libraries , movement doesnt work , some sound problems ".All they were true
I deleted the DEMO 1 and created the whole game from the beginning. Well , as i promised ;

* Whole graphics are hand made , my own gfx.( don't even dare to say " its library gfx " )
* Movement improved

As you can imagine this is the story of a ninja becoming a master ninja.DEMO includes the first mission.(and a very short training)I hope you can enjoy this time !!.(sorry u have to use .rar )

Controls :

arrow : left , right
shift : jump
down arrow : crouch
"A" : action key
"R" : Rest ( only when said by master )
"Q" : Get health from a RED tree ( only works under RED trees )
ctrl : Shoot ( First you have to click on a target to select , then press ctrl )

Known Bugs :
*in training screen you can leave the screen from left.
*when you shoot ninja star doesnt get invisible.
(pls ingore these for now)

More info about DEMO :

* You have only 1 live after starting the mission.
* You can see your status with an indicator under master's portrait.
* To shoot click on your enemy once and press CTRL to shoot him.
* If u click on an enemy second time you untarget it.
* When you are hidden once you can release crouch button ,you cant be seen
until you move again.
* You can only kill ( target ) first enemy up on the platform.


Thank You... Hope you enjoy!

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Posted by The Chris Street 14th July, 2006

I'm still unconvinced that all the graphics are yours.
Posted by alperoz49 14th July, 2006

Every single pixel you see in the game is mine.Pls tell me which object or objects make you think the graphics are not mine?

i used photoshop on the trees, ground tiles , grasses , also in the menus , the ninja and the master is made in TGF's drawing tool. So sad to hear you are uncovinced about this. I spent most of the time with gfx. and you are saying this. .Well anyway all gfx mine bealieve or not i cant say anything more.In the first demo version backgronds were library gfx, thats the only reason i deleted it and created this from the beginning with own gfx
Posted by alperoz49 15th July, 2006

Come on play the DEMO mates so you can say any bad or good comments which will affect the full verison. i've allready made some improvment on graphics and some actions added like rolling ( not included in DEMO )

btw in the training screen you can leave the screen from the left and when you hit an enemy with a star it still exist .ignore these pls. Thank you...
Posted by alperoz49 16th July, 2006

more graphics ( mountians Added to game ) in demo those are not included. I wanna announce progress of the game here until full version released ;

example of new background graphics :
Posted by Whippers With 17th July, 2006

I think the reason people are reluctant to downloading this is the fact that you use a gay host... I downloaded it anyway, but usually I wouldn't. Perhaps RapidShare PWNS, but somehow it reeks of trojans and porn pop-ups and shit. Not to mention the extra work that has to be done by the downloader!

Anyway... the game is quite cool. Decent graphics and such, even though I can't see the point of having trees with glowing edges. You've also set different animation speeds to the walking right/left animations. Looks a bit funny. The sound was harder to digest. The CLICKETI-CLICKETI-CLICKETI-SWISCH became really, really annoying. Plus, if you move in the air, it plays the footstep-sample. Another cool thing was that if you ran off the left edge of the screen, you disappeared! Really ninja-ish.

The game has potential, I think, but it really needs to be more... refined. I just dashed through the first level, because listening to the geezers advice was a complete overkill. I did stop to kill the first guard, tho', (which was the only one I could target) and was amazed at the destructive power of the shurikens! The guard disappeared instantly without a sound, and the star continued on its path as if nothing had happened!
Posted by alperoz49 22nd July, 2006

to Whispers Within ; thank you for your comments and suggestions and i've allradey told that bugs that u mentioned. I know this has poteantial i believe it.





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