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Ninja Business - chapter one ( full version )
Author: alperoz49 Submitted: 24th July, 2006 Favourites:0
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Edited By alperoz49 on 7/26/2006

Ninja Business (FULL VERSION) Chapter One
49 game studios

" <SIGNIFICANT FIX> some important bugs and missing file found and fixed just after released. (26.07.2006 16:50)
Because of the low bandwith of geocities there are 3 download links .(If u dloaded it before the change ,if theres no text like " enter level password if you know it" in the meain menu that verison is the wrong one pls dload it again) SORRY FOR THE CHAOS


Once upon a time there were two brothers ( kung-fu masters ) who learned how to fight from thier fathers.Maolin Yun and Yuolin Man fought long long times againest their enemies together.Then after Maolin Yun wanted to use his powers againest humanity.And he built an army.As long as Yuolin knew his powers because of thier fathers lessons , only he could handle to fight againest him.But time has passed and they got older.Yuolin trianed a young NINJA to fight againest Maolin and his servents.Now your story begins here.


Here comes my first full version game !For the ones who doesn't know about Ninja Business , basicly it is a hide and jump platform game based on a make up story on a ninja and his master fighting againest another evil kung-fu master.
After 3 weeks of work on Ninja Business DEMO, i decided to release the full verison , the chapter one.Yes ,the game will be divided by chapters, the reason of this desicion is ;file sizes are big.
Download file is in .zip format and like the ppl wanted to see before ,here is another alternative download files with another host servers other than the original download file.(both can be used) ;

Upgraded features since DEMO

* New smooth graphics are added (Look at SS, mountians).
(all graphics are MINE , pls stop saying the opposite)
* Movement bugs cleared.
* Original Musics and Sounds added made by me.
* Repeating sounds cancelled.
* Shooting fixed.


arrow keys : directions
shift : jump
ctrl : shoot ( after selecting target )
"A " : activate / use
down arrow : crouch ( crouching under objects like trees , rocks will make you hidden shown with an indicator in game)


There is a boss fight at the end of the chapter 1.A pink ninja girl called "PINKY" the student of the evil twin Maolin Yun. To beat her you must avoid from her ninja stars and jump over the arrows and always press CTRL to shoot her a ninja star.( You dont have to select a target to shoot in boss fights )It is a long fight ,so be patient use your quickness and jumping abilites and shoot when right time comes like a NINJA.


* to pass the training screens you have to complete the training missions.And then you will see a password , you can use it after when you are in the main menu.

* Pls read the Master's instructions before you start to a level.

* If you see a red arrow on an object that object is dangerous to step in or it is used to activate something.


Game has been tested lots of time and i found out some mistakes (bugs) ,before you see them i am telling you here;

* When you die sometimes the level restarts and you can't climb to a ladder ( dunno why it happens )(try writing the password again in main menu if u die )

PlS report other bugs you 'll find

Sorry for language and grammer mistakes

You can see more info about Ninja Business Chapter I and other 49 games products on my website or

Thank you !

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Posted by alperoz49 26th July, 2006

<SIGNIFICANT FIX> some important bugs and missing file found and fixed just after released. (26.07.2006 16:50)
Because of the low bandwith of geocities there are 3 download links .(If u dloaded it before the change ,if theres no text like " enter level password if you know it" in the meain menu that verison is the wrong one pls dload it again) SORRY FOR THE CHAOS

Thank you for your understandings...

Posted by alperoz49 27th July, 2006

come play the game will ya?
Posted by Joshua M. 29th July, 2006

The controls are pretty horrible, I mean, what's with the click thing to lock on someone? Why can't you throw shurikens when you haven't locked onto anything? Bah.

The backgrounds and the trees don't look good. They look like they were quickly made in Paint Shop Pro. It doesn't fit the style of the other sprites and it doesn't blend with the dark background color.

Also, what kind of platform movement did you fix? I think it's still horrible. You used the standard platform movement, which is just plain buggy. You should make a custom movement engine.

Also, what happened to the interface in the 'sneak' level???
The bossfight is incredibly boring and too long.
The "Go to Website" button in the credits doesn't work.
Posted by alperoz49 29th July, 2006

Thank you Joshua for your comments, obviously game has no potentials anymore and i agree with your comments.Well it was my first game anyway
Posted by Joshua M. 29th July, 2006

It doesn't really matter Just keep on trying and don't give up. Go search for some tutorials or examples, make some games, you learn as you try.
Posted by markno2 29th July, 2006

Well it's fun to play. The character, on some levels, is able to leave the play area and there's no way to replay the level without restarting the whole game.
Posted by ]Alpha[ 1st August, 2006

If this is really your first game, than you really did a good job!

I suggest to keep working on this project and fix everything that doesn't work, before start a new game.

You need a lot of pratice, so why don't try to do a little experience by fix all the bugs in this game or try to better the graphic and sound?

Personally I wasn't able to finish the game because the game didn't give me the opportunity to reach the final level.
Here's how it went :
I reach the second level, then I hit the border of the screen and my character disappeared until I restarted the game.
I went again to the second level and my character wasn't able anymore to climb ladders, so I had to restart AGAIN!
I tried again and I got stucked AGAIN in the second level, then I got a little bored and I close the game.

Keep working on this game, it could be greater than this
Posted by alperoz49 2nd August, 2006

thank you! for all comments my second project is on the way a surprise game lets say real surprise
Posted by markno2 4th August, 2006

This game's awesone hahahaha.

Can't wait for the next game!!
Posted by alperoz49 5th August, 2006

thank you Markno2 but it is bugged a little ofc i will fix next series maybe chapter 1 remake too





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