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Author: Mike Domingues Submitted: 19th July, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 140

Skud is a challenging 2D platforms game with unusual graphics and gameplay: the look of the game is something like cartoon and the gameplay is...different. The goal of the game is to go to the bottom of each level (20 in the total) , avoiding hot platforms and collecting many bones as you can.

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Posted by Whippers With 20th July, 2006

Please, don't use installers! They are just irritating. And I don't really see the point with this game, as it's just a matter of guessing where the lava-bones might be, and if you guess wrong, tough luck -- the game's best bug will probably take all your lives in a row.
Posted by The Chris Street 20th July, 2006

*wonders who accepted this with such a naffy description*
Posted by 21st July, 2006

Nice little game!
Its too hard sometimes, often because of the default platform movement.. It would be better with a custom one, but nice game!
Posted by Xentull 23rd July, 2006

Why does people make these **** games?

Take your time and think of a good idea and make something out of it!
Posted by alperoz49 24th July, 2006

yes pls i am not offensive as Jens kiilstofte but lately i saw some games made in 10 mins. without purposes , why o why spend more time on them pls.I have a project going on for 4 weeks i havent relese it yet.PLS
Posted by Mike Domingues 27th July, 2006

Some decent feedback would really awesome.
I mean, you don't have to say "what a wonderfull game", when you think the game sucks, but you don't have to be offensive !
Posted by Airflow 28th July, 2006

I thought it was alright gameplaywise.

The presentation and cheezy level names are repulsive though.
Posted by markno2 29th July, 2006

What a wonderful game.
Posted by markno2 29th July, 2006

Seriously though, I thought it'd be good/okay if you didn't force us to install it.
Posted by Mike Domingues 29th July, 2006

Sorry bout that.





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