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R.A.M: Saving TPS
Author: Mike Domingues Submitted: 31st July, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 61

Edited By Mike Domingues on 8/1/2006

R.A.M: Saving TPS is a game that mixes the classic gameplay of Pacman with the fun of Bomberman, but with many twists, like 5 cool powerups, teleports, destructible walls and hidden bonuses. The game features 60 levels, in 6 diferent worlds (the background, the walls and the enemies shape change from world to world). It took 4 month to complete.

Review This Download;5332516;;/fileinfo.html (2,64 mkb )

Posted by Mike Domingues 1st August, 2006

The link seems broken, but you'll have to copy&paste the whole link.
Posted by 4th August, 2006

Okay, please do not use filefront as host for your files.
Its annoying and takes too long time to download.

Try to get your own website to store screenshots and the games on.
Posted by 4th August, 2006

I played it, and i thought it was fun.
Simple but nice graphics, good controls and just fun gameplay.
But when i reached level 7, and was heading for the top-left corner, a 'zombie' followed me. So i clicked, to place a bomb, totally unaware of that the cursor was over some evil 'give up button' that made me go to the damn highscore list.

You can probably understand how annoying this is, and theres no way that im playing all those levels again, nope. Which is too bad, as it was a fun game. So my advice is that you remove that damned button, or make the player have to confirm that he wants to give up after clicking on it.

But still, thumbs up. Nice game.
Posted by Mike Domingues 4th August, 2006

Yeah that frontfile thing it's aweful, I've got my website, but the host don't let me upload file with more than 2,50 Mb, and game is 2,64 Mb, so I had to use it.

But about that button, I'll try to fix this, it happens lots of time to me too
Posted by Johnny Look 5th August, 2006

I don't see a klick game with 60 levels for a long time, the gameplay is fun, graphics are ok, thumbs up from me.
Posted by ]Alpha[ 10th August, 2006

nice game





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