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The Running Man 2
Author: markno2 Submitted: 21st July, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 235

Edited By marky_2 on 11/3/2013

This is game based on the 1987 Schwarzenegger action movie "The Running Man." In this game you play as Ben Richards (Schwarzenegger's character), you must put an end to the plans of a multi-billion dollar company TV network.
This game is a fullscreen, side-view action game.

This game features:
*Fullscreen action.
*"Comical" character animations
*Voice acting
*One liners
*Unique enemies

This game needs no installation, just d/l and play .

NOTE: This game was complied using The Games Factory 1.06. To prevent the "sound bug", please run the game in Windows 95 or Windows 98 compatibility mode. Thanks.

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Posted by 21st July, 2006

I hope this is as good as the Terminator Game.
Posted by markno2 21st July, 2006

Actaully I made this before the Terminator but was too scared to release it.
Posted by Crimson79 21st July, 2006

i liked the terminator dude! it looked really funny and the voice over was hillarious! downloading!!!
Posted by 21st July, 2006

Hehehe, nice game as usual. Lol
A little too much blood and gore and stuff sometimes
Posted by Noyb 22nd July, 2006

I just have to say that it's a real bad design decision to have the button that restarts the level located right next to the button that restarts the game.
Posted by markno2 22nd July, 2006

Posted by Greasy 22nd July, 2006

Like mentioned before, you hype it up with your comments about how the game is good. It doesn't bother me, but expect to get raped by someone that is bothered by it.
Posted by markno2 23rd July, 2006

Posted by Strange Culture 23rd July, 2006

GOTW for sure this time! When are you going to releases Twins?
Posted by Del Duio 23rd July, 2006

Where's Richard Dawson and that awesome vacation commercial for those who "won" in the past? And the Christmas light dune buggy with the opera-singing hooligan at the wheel? (Screenshot-wise, these'd be great attractions).

Dont' forget, we still need:

Conan the Barbarian 3 (or 4 if you make it after the new movie comes out)
Twins (lol, but that'd be funny if you could throw Danny Devito as a weapon)
Total Recall
Kindergarten Cop (!!!?.. play as the TOOMAH!!)

Posted by 23rd July, 2006

Hahaha, Smeby, i remember that.
Too bad it was just a joke.
Posted by alperoz49 24th July, 2006

Sorry somehow i dont like this game .You tried to make a simple game with very simple gfx which is normal but if you do that u have to trust your gameplay , story etc...Plus i dont see the graphics funny.These are my opinions ofc but lately i see some games made without thinking ,without purposes.I want more games made in more than 1 hour.But don't get offend from my words.
Posted by Strange Culture 24th July, 2006

Donít forget Hercules in New York. If you make that at least playing the game couldnít be any worst than watching the film.
Posted by markno2 25th July, 2006

I dunno. The Schwarzenegger vs. bear scene in HINY was pretty good. It'd be hard to live up to.
Posted by Del Duio 26th July, 2006

You could also have him as a 19 yr-old raging roider, beating up people and groping "DA FRAHWLINES!"

Make it the bonus level though, he was a kid and we all make mistakes lol.
Posted by Joshua M. 30th July, 2006

Ahaha, I like!
Posted by Johnny Look 5th August, 2006

This game ROCKS !!
Posted by izac 25th September, 2006

nice game
Posted by markno2 28th September, 2006






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