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Mini Sound Studio
Author: Nova Soft Submitted: 28th July, 2006 Favourites:1
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 122

Some of you may remember I submitted a rather primitive
version of 'Sound Studio' to The Daily Click roughly 2(?)
years ago... It's no longer around thanks to a prank Phizzy
played on me

Anyway, this is a brand new version of 'Sound Studio' which allows users to create their own tunes based on wav sample placement upon a grid (see screenshot).

The interface is relatively simple to navigate, though I made it so I may be being slightly biased. Here's a rough run down on how to use MiniSS:

*Open a sample by clicking a 'sample' button on the left of the application. The grid row to the right of the button is where you can place the loaded wav.

*Left click a grid box to preview the sample, right click to delete.

*Edit the frequency of the samples by using the dropdown box in the centre of MiniSS. Select the sample you wish to alter the frequency of, set the frequency using the + and - buttons to the right, then click 'set frequency'

*The brown bar on the right of the screen is the stop bar. Once your tune reaches this point, it will end. You can place this anywhere on the grid by placing your mouse cursor in the desired column and using the middle mouse button or 's' on your keyboard to set the stop bar.

*Set the speed at which your tune plays by using the tempo + and - buttons.

*Customize MiniSS by loading a background image of your choice and selecting a colour theme. (Green, red or blue).

The project is now abandoned due to my inability to create a working 'save feature'. However, if anyone's interested enough to give it a go, send me a pm / add me to msn etc.

Enjoy this rather buggy, yet just functional FULL BLOWN MUSIC CREATION SUITE!

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Posted by Chaoz (Tri-Life Gaming) 29th July, 2006

Nice...Never seen something like this before.*raises thumb*
Posted by DaVince 29th July, 2006

There are a few flaws which makes this difficult to use. The most important one is that each channel (sample) can only be played on one height.

Other than that, this looks pretty good, but barely an improvement from your first version.
Posted by DaVince 29th July, 2006

I didn't vote, btw.
Posted by Ski 29th July, 2006

Lol I just noticed the "WTF"
Posted by Hempuli 29th July, 2006

Nice, really nice.
Posted by BeamSplashX 2nd August, 2006

Or... an anti-save system that randomly deletes system files?
Posted by Kazuma 5th August, 2006

You finally bought one?
Posted by Leerz 9th August, 2006

ooohh!!, gotta try this!
Posted by axel 11th August, 2006

Aha. I remember you showing me an early version of this.
Posted by axel 11th August, 2006

Nice little thing. I was doing a similar app the other day, but with a more module tracker-like interface.
Posted by Kazuma 21st August, 2006

Wow Phizzy's retarded. O.O

Wait... I knew that. Damn, it's contagious.




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