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Backyard Brawl
Author: Deep Games ( Submitted: 4th August, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Beat 'Em Up Downloads: 101

Edited By Deep Games ( on 8/8/2006

Edited By Deep Games ( on 8/4/2006

Edited By Deep Games ( on 8/4/2006

A game that is similar to Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. It features 16 characters "The Dow Scouts" all with 2 of thier own moves. There are 2 unlockable levels, 20 missions, and 6 items to use. The 2P mode shines the most but the 1P mode is enjoyable.

It features increased distance flown for every hit. All the levels have they're own special parts, whether they be helpful or harmful. So get your friends over and see who's better, you have friends don't you? If not you can play the one player mode instead

The aim of the fighting mode is to increase the oponents %. The higher it is the further they tumble along the ground (and in the air) Shift and Enter are attack, Up is jump and Arrows are move. Collect items to help you (or not). Whether it be a 16t block or a bowling ball, you never know!

There will be a sequal eventually, it will be ALOT better (we hope)

For more games go to!

Have fun!

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Posted by Assault Andy 4th August, 2006

Please fix the screenshot, and write a longer description.
Posted by Deep Games ( 4th August, 2006

Done, (We might change the description later).
Posted by Zethell 7th August, 2006

Well, im terrible sorry for this.. But..
Ure game, um.. Sucks ?

It looks like the kind of games you would put togheter really quick when you where like 8 years old.
Posted by Deep Games ( 8th August, 2006

Um, it is mentioned on our site that the 2P mode flogs the 1P mode...
and we fairly new to these things, were still below 10th grade...
Posted by Deep Games ( 8th August, 2006

Geez (I'm a differant guy from Deep) it's not ment to be a action thriller game, it's just a bit of fun... And whatever happened to constructive criticism? No offence but I people who just say things "suck" or are bad with no reasons provided, also it's not like we're pros just yet.
Posted by Deep Games ( 8th August, 2006

(deep guy who made the game) what's wrong with it?
Posted by steve 8th August, 2006

I love fighting games

Posted by steve 8th August, 2006

ok, here comes the constructive criticism!

Firstly, I do not think this just plain "sucks" as zeth said.
I can see some effort has been put into the title
screen, menus etc and the backgrounds are quite nice!
I don't recognise these characters you made (maybe im getting too old ) but if you designed them, then well done!

It's good that you allow the player to save after doing the 1P missions. The choice of backgrounds are very interesting too, some nice ideas in there!

Where the game starts to go wrong is the movement and collisions.

*don't ever use default movements, it is especially bad in fighting games (due to lack of control over directions and animation frame types). It makes the game erratic, uncontrollable and a chore to play.

*after character being "Hit" in 2p the movement was very weird and often bounced off the wrong directions etc.

*Character "attacked" in wrong direction many times - again, I think this is due to default movement conflicting with other code you made.

*The moves didnt seem very impressive and often did not have any consequence to the enemy. This is the most vital part of making a fighting game. If there is no impact or consequence to a collision then the whole game is pointless.

Hope you take notes and good luck with the sequel

(i'm gonna give a thumbs up just for the effort you guys put in and being your first game)
Posted by Deep Games ( 9th August, 2006

Yeah, I did make the characters
Posted by Deep Games ( 9th August, 2006

(Second guy who helped) Thanks for the pointers, it was made in tgf and when we moved it into MMF2 just for a test the flying worked right, but we only used a default movement because someone (namely me I guess) didn't suggest it, I have made platform engines before and i suppose I should do it again. I like people like you with good advice hehe.
Posted by steve 9th August, 2006

I'm glad I gave a thumbs up then

I think you guys could become a good group when you become more experienced. You have the imagination and determination there which is a good start
Posted by Deep Games ( 9th August, 2006

thanx, u made us much happier than u can imagine Zeth did
Posted by Deep Games ( 9th August, 2006

Um, with the constructiveness above, the problem is that only some characters attacks effect when "overlapping" others need to "collide"... It was a bit of a problem in TGF but in the TGF2 sequel we shall fix all that. The reason the characters occassionally attack the way they are not facing is because an event tells the to face either left or right when they land (so that they're attacks will animate smoothly). Infact, it probably would have been smarter to just make them face thier current animation direction :S
Posted by steve 9th August, 2006

Yes, but that problem is very hard to fix if you use default movement as it will always take priority over animation frame types, frame and directions.

Posted by Deep Games ( 10th August, 2006

"*The moves didnt seem very impressive and often did not have any consequence to the enemy. This is the most vital part of making a fighting game. If there is no impact or consequence to a collision then the whole game is pointless."

what exactly did you mean by this?

remember, we're seventh graders (by american standards)

Anyway I have been plotting a sequel title as:
"The Dow Scouts: Rioting Rebels"

I am also working on an RPG using the character "Jatzey" but "Jatzey RPG" sounds liek a rip-off of "Jonny RPG, but I had thort of it before i hav herd of Jonny RPG... maybe I am worrying too much. meh :>
Posted by steve 10th August, 2006

ok, I will give an example of what I meant about collisions and impacts.

You are familiar with Virtua Fighter and Tekken, right?

Now, personally for me Tekken has always been the better game for this main reason: The impact and hit detection feels better.

In Virtua Fighter when a character is "hit" they hardely move back and don't respond well. It feels like they are fighting under-water.

In Tekken when a character is hit they are smashed back and you feel the impact. For the stronger hit's there are seperate animations that really make you whince, infact most moves have their own seperate "hit" animation.

So, the lesson to be learned here is to always ensure a collision works for a start and is consistant. Secondly, that the impact/consequence is good enough to justify it.

Posted by Deep Games ( 11th August, 2006

uh, hang on, the characters in BYB do go further depending on thier %...





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