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Snake 360 V3.7
Author: Deep Games ( Submitted: 9th August, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 155

Edited By Deep Games ( on 8/13/2006

Right it seems our webhosts aren't all that bad. We're back online! I'm sticking with them still, who else gives you 1.5gb of webspace and 40gb bandwidth for $10 AUS a month?

Updated to version 3.7, even MORE extras have been added, namely:

- Verisons 1&2 included as playable levels
- Classic play level
- 2 differant totally new settings
- Sound
- Music (? it doesn't work on my pc)
- Randomly generated obsticles
- Food bug HOPEFULLY fixed
- Fullscreen
- Better graphics
- Instructions
- Re-Programmed in MMF2

The description remains the same.

A arcade game that has been very popular with many people, yes it's a snake game but it's in 360 degrees!!! And there are spinning things but yeah they're not as important as the degrees...

The object, of course is to collect the food that appears around the play area. The speed increases as you eat more and when you do die (trust me everyone dies) there are Hi-Scores for you to show your friends!


Menu - just click the buttons!
Game - Left and right keys to turn

So download, play and most of all enjoy.

For more games go to

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Posted by Deep Games ( 9th August, 2006

All comments except for just plain negative people are welcome if you don't like it make sure you say why!
Posted by Nova Soft 10th August, 2006

Well, this is a nice solid little 360' snake 'engine'... I say engine as it doesn't feel polished enough to pass for a full game! (mainly due to lack of graphics).

The snake controls fluently, although the speed could so with some adjusting (slightly too much increase per food collection I feel).

With improved graphics and a few tweaks you could be onto something.
Posted by Deep Games ( 11th August, 2006

Yeah but it's a big step from the original V1 graphics, as I said I'm planning a V3 with good graphics maybe! And the speed, yeah your probably right most people I know can only get 7!
Posted by Werbad 11th August, 2006

lookd good... but try to mskr the snake more snake-like instead of just a row of coloured balls
Posted by Deep Games ( 11th August, 2006

I think I'm gona get the make the snake more snakeish lots! I'm going to do that in the next release like i said in the last comment.
Posted by izac 12th August, 2006

Very nice! i liked it, thumbs up!

Here are some things you could do to improve it!
-Make the snake slither, make him move left and right like a slimy snake!
-Don't make the background lightblue it seems very boring
-It starts off to slow, i kinda get bored waiting for the snake to start moving fast
-Instead of having balls make the head an actual head with eye's and mouth
-make more obsticals to go around(maybe a level editor to make your own levels
-Fix the fault that the purple food disapears off the screen somewhere then you can't get it
-Don't have the turning things, they are pointless you can get around them.
-Make the graphics more fun, make the food an apple!
-Add some eating sounds when you eat, and add some funny music to get players into the mood!
-Make online high scores! i would love beating the heck out of peoples scores!

The game would be really good with these extra features! great work keep it up!
Posted by Deep Games ( 13th August, 2006

Ok version 3.7 and the last update for a while (if ever)

Read the updated description for the new features and yeah... Enjoy/Vote for it in GOTW if you like it!
Posted by Zigzag 13th August, 2006

It rules although I believe that the suggestions need to be done post haste.

Lol ben DO AS I SAY!!!
Posted by Deep Games ( 13th August, 2006

Ricky I've done the suggestions LOL!!! Anyways thanks for the kind words ness.
Posted by izac 13th August, 2006

Very nice improvements! I got 37 i played ont eh grass level
Posted by Deep Games ( 14th August, 2006

Yay ^^ hehe
Posted by Bibin 14th August, 2006

"Right it seems our webhosts aren't all that bad. We're back online! I'm sticking with them still, who else gives you 1.5gb of webspace and 40gb bandwidth for $10 AUS a month?" gives you more than that, 250 gb space, and much more bandwidth, for $2.50 a month.
Posted by Deep Games ( 15th August, 2006

*gasps* that's awesome! I simply must check them out, thanks!
Posted by izac 15th August, 2006

hey? how can this be winning GOTW so far? i'm sure i've had 23 downloads and i'm got 11 votes and this has had 10 downloads and it has had 13 votes? and everytime i get the same or above it suddenly get's 2 ahead of me!
Posted by Deep Games ( 16th August, 2006

Really!? From where I sit it seems when ever I get ahead you jump up to catch/overtake me (except right now, we've been frozen for about the whole day!)
Posted by izac 16th August, 2006

see i got 12 i think today or yesterday. now you suddenly got 14? are you sure your not cheating? are you sure you're asking people you know on DC to vote for you?
Posted by Deep Games ( 17th August, 2006

I don't know anyone on DC I'm new here! And I saw ours go to 13 then 14 over like a whole day!
Posted by The Chris Street 17th August, 2006


15 Votes

Something isn't quite right here. Please don't vote for a game if you haven't played it.
Posted by izac 18th August, 2006

please can't you help circy? i am going to loose unfairly!
Posted by izac 18th August, 2006

Your always 2 ahead of me! i am very upset and angry that you are getting votes unfairly! how could you be 2 above me ALL the time?
Posted by izac 18th August, 2006

hmm... how come zigzag likes the game so much? and he registeired the same time this game came out?

Sorry for so many posts! I am so ANGRY!
Posted by Deep Games ( 18th August, 2006

hey look, at the rate of things NOW your going to win or we'll tie. And geez maybe somepeople downloaded it off our site and voted? And I'm not always 2 ahead of you!!! You've been 2 ahead of me just as often... Also in a irrelivant note, zigzag is someone from deep games... He just registered the day I told him I put it up!
Posted by The Chris Street 20th August, 2006

I seriously hope you are not cheating. If you are then I will ban you from TDC.

I do have to question something though.

You signed up on 4th August 2006.
Since this date you have made NINE NEW ACCOUNTS, the most recent being the 19th August 2006.

I will check the IP addresses of those who voted in the poll. If I find that any of these match you will be banned - and believe me, we can check. If you wish to confess before I do this, I will be lenient; send me a PM, and all I will do is disqualify you from GOTW.

Posted by thewreck 20th August, 2006

seems he didnt cheat then? unless he got lots of friends whom he told to vote for his game!

anyway, i think the snake it waaay waaay to slow to start off with. It took me 10 seconds to get to the first apple and then it spawned in the other side of the screen and i started moving there, and after 10 seconds i had gotten like half of the way, at that point i pressed alt+F4. Im sorry, but this is the game's biggest problem right now. It boores you before the game even starts! its too bad, cause its such a small modification to make it fun.
Posted by The Chris Street 20th August, 2006

I think he did cheat, if the IP address check confirms this then I will void his GOTW.

And ban him too.
Posted by izac 20th August, 2006

YouCheater!!! I had 17/16 and 10pm i checked! and went to bed and in the morning you jumped 3!! You cheater! How can this game compete with mine!? CIRCY I THINK that you can tell this is cheating!
Posted by Tim 26th August, 2006

"How can this game compete with mine!? CIRCY I THINK that you can tell this is cheating!"

Oh my word, what arrogance?! Personally i feel that the voting system is rather flawed if it is so easy for people to sign up to new accounts or whatever is going on here. Set up md5 sessions tdc!? And block ip's from voting more than once per week... it's honestly not hard to implement at all, and it would practically eliminate the possiblilty of cheating altogether.

I actually thought that U.2 was cheating as i visited each week. I voted once for U.2's game, but it seemed that whenever U.2 was behind one or two he would catch up in a matter of minutes, and even out-vote Snake 360 in a very small space of time.

IP addresses don't always going to set things in stone either, as you can mask and use ghost ip's and proxy's too can't you? It's practically public knowledge.

Isn't this the second supposed cheating incident THIS MONTH?

Another thing, downloads compared to votes means nothing. You could have 3854763 votes and 3 downloads - as a very large majority of the game submissions are advertised and released on the developers' seperate websites too.

What's all the hype over gotw anyway? It's really quite sad to see people get so irritated about this kind of thing. It's hardly a matter of life or death. A game could be amazing, and not make gotw... still doesn't make it any less amazing does it? Just means that it perhaps wasn't as popular to a particular fan base or that there was another worthy competitor that week.

*insert rolling-eyes smiley here*... anyway good game nontheless to BOTH Snake 360 and Teddies Armageddon
Posted by Tim 26th August, 2006

visited each week

*each day lol
Posted by Lachlan Clark 15th October, 2006

Ha Ben, now I shall make a comment. It is a good game great music, good gameplay, and good art. So it's a really good game. I really don't have anything to say xcept that u could've had other music for the other evels
Posted by DaVince 29th March, 2007

"Right it seems our webhosts aren't all that bad. We're back online! I'm sticking with them still, who else gives you 1.5gb of webspace and 40gb bandwidth for $10 AUS a month? "

Posted by DaVince 30th May, 2007






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