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Teddies Armageddon 2
Author: izac Submitted: 10th August, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 163
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Edited By U.2 on 2/20/2008

Teddies armgeddon 2!!

Here are a few things you need to know before you play the game!

This game is freeware(Cost free). This game must NOT be distributed as shareware. If redistributed all of the game
and it's contents MUST be together in the original .zip!

3-Player buttons
4-Setting up a deathmatch game

Welcome to the year 2026. Armys march and destroy anything in sight. Life has gotten tuff, and people that survive hide
and await to be killed. Join in with these battles and fight for your right to live!

-Play team games!
-Pickup powerful weapons! like:
and Rifle's
-Play with the mad soldier chasing you... or not!
-Watch out for enemy attacks, called events!
Gas bombs!
and airstrikes!
-Battle your way in 6 different terrains!

The battle has only just begun!

1000mhz of speed
256mb of ram
keyboard + mouse
Compatibal sound card

2400mhz of speed
512mb of ram

3-Player buttons
Left&Right keys=To move
CTRL=Throw grenade
Backspace=Reload weapon
Hold down up arrow while moving to strife!

A + D=To move
F=Throw grenade
`=Reload weapon(This button should be above tab)
Hold down W while moving to strife!

4-Setting up a deathmatch

Step 1:
Setup who's playing and not playing

Step 2:
Set there teams

Step 3:
Write there names

Step 4:
Set computer hardness

Step 5:
Pick your terrain

Step 6:
Set your lives(By pressing left and right)

Step 7:
Set special effects on/off depending on the speed of your computer

Step 8:
Set mad soldier and events on/off depending on how you like them!

step 9:
Press begin to commence the battle!!!

When a deathmatch game is in oporation, cheats can be made!
To access all of the cheat codes, look in the "EXTRAS" folder and locate "Cheats.txt"!

Hope you will enjoy playing the game!!!!

Copyright 2006 Shadow Master

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 (3.5 mkb )

Posted by Nova Soft 10th August, 2006

Excellent game! Even the A.I seems to perform well enough to be playable against. The interface could do with some neatening up, and perhaps the character graphics. Random weapon spawn point locations would be nice. Other than that, the only thing lacking is online play
Posted by 11th August, 2006

Very intresting multiplayer aspect!
The graphics are decent for this type of game..
The AI makes this game very phenomenal. Awesome job my friend! Thumbs up.

Posted by izac 11th August, 2006

wow thanks! i wish it would of got frontpage though i don't think many people will download it
Posted by Hempuli 11th August, 2006

Well done!! This game has improved a lot from the earlier version!
Posted by izac 12th August, 2006

OMFG!!!!!!!!! 3 comments and it's been 3 days!? i WISH this would of got on frontpage!
Posted by izac 12th August, 2006

yaknow... The whole reason i submitted this game on daily click, was to see what people thought of the game

Maybe the links on the right of the page should be more visible? like little icons of the games next to the links. more people would look at them then, and i even sometimes i don't bother to look at any other games but the one on the front page. i submitted a game that hardly anyone will look at!
Posted by The Chris Street 12th August, 2006

The whole point of TDC is to share your games. Front page status is determined by the admins and their workload, plus whether or not the game is any good - and maybe a bit of randomness thrown in too. Complaining that your game isn't on the front page is a little bit sad in my view.

Still, moan no longer.
Posted by izac 12th August, 2006

woohoo! thanks now i can go to sleep in the night cuase i am happy. and i can dream about my next game... which if does not go on the front page i will go mad!!!! only joking!
Posted by deadeye 12th August, 2006

I saw this game on the FRONT PAGE
Posted by izac 12th August, 2006

hey can someone review my game? i would really like that
Posted by Zethell 12th August, 2006

Bad Graphics.. but alot of people seems to like it, and that the AI is good enough to play with..

Therefore i'll download it and see what it got.

If the gameplay is as bad as the graphics ure getting a Thumbs down.
Posted by Zethell 12th August, 2006

1000mhz of speed
256mb of ram
keyboard + mouse
Compatibal sound card

2400mhz of speed
512mb of ram


Pff yeah right!

I played this smoothly on a Pentium 3 - 800mhz! with 256 SD ram!
Posted by Zethell 12th August, 2006

ok.. the AI was decent..
But not the gameplay nor the sound that gave me an incredible headache, as did the music..

You might wanna change that..

Btw.. you can jump when ure dead o_O;;
Ohh.. and ure not getting any thumbs up for this
not from me atleast.. buy hey, you can't expect everyone to give you a thumbs up.
Posted by thewreck 12th August, 2006

a couple of suggestions:

* Place the healthbar above the players heads and make it only appear when you are hurt of get more health.

* Place the amount of ammo you have as a counter next to the healthbar and also make that only visible when you are shooting or when you get more ammo.

* Perhaps make the grenade visible on the character? so that you can see that he is carrying it.

* all in all about the gui. Try to get rid of it! You dont wanna have to look up to the top of the screen to see what you got in an action game like this.

* make the bullets flying more visible, really visible! i had a hard time knowing i was accually shooting anything at all.

* skip that grenade, strife, jump and reload buttons, instead: left right arrow moves left and right. Up arrow jumps. Hold down arrow to charge grenade and reload to throw. Hold a direction (left/right) then press the other direction (right/left) to strife. Reload? perhaps skip that and just do autoreload, or if you really want it, perhaps, Hold Fire button + Tap Down arrow.

*Some form of confirmation that you got a new weapon, and what kind of weapon it is, for example, when you pick it up, have a text come up like "Remingtong!".

*When you try to shoot and you have no ammo left, there should be a clearer confirmation of what is happening, perhaps a flashing red text above the character "no ammo" and/or a 'clicking' sound.

thats all i can think of now.
Posted by izac 13th August, 2006

great ideas thanks!

I think though... it is too late to add those features
Posted by thewreck 13th August, 2006

well, if you add these ideas, and remake all the graphics and maps, you could easily release it as number 3.
Posted by izac 13th August, 2006

hmmm... i might keep the maps just upgrade the graphics! and add the ideas!

But i'm not sure if i want to make number 3
Posted by _Raven_ 15th August, 2006

Hey, not bad = I really liked it. Thumbs up ^^
Posted by Tim 26th August, 2006

forgive me, but see here:

thank you.
Posted by DaVince 30th May, 2007

BOOM. Broken.





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