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Elite Combat Forces 2
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Elite Combat Forces 2

* Introduction *
Elite Combat Forces 2 is a FREE MMO 2D Side Scrolling Shoot' Em Up PC game. I have been been slowly developing this game over the course of two years as an independant university student who loves programming and writing my own video games. After much hard work and dedication I am finally proud to release this game to the public. The game is jam-packed with addictive gameplay that is sure to keep you entertained! Blasting away and competing with other players for fun by racking up the highest amount of kills and experience points. If you are looking to have some fun, then you should definitely give Elite Combat Forces 2 a shot.

* Download *
Click the download link below to begin downloading the game:
Once the game has finished downloading, right click the downloaded file and click 'Extract to ecf2-1.03' to extract the content of the ZIP file to a folder. Then within the folder run the executeable file "ECF2.exe".

* Registration *
You must register an account to be able to play Elite Combat Forces 2. You can register an account by downloading the game and clicking the "Create Account" button on the login screen. Fill out the forms, create your account and login. You will be brought to the Lobby screen.

* Lobby *
Once you have logged in with an already existing account you will be brought to the Lobby. From the Lobby you can view your stats in the top left corner of the screen, join servers/games by choosing one in the server list, access your Equipment, the Highscores and Settings to configure your controls and volume. Logout of your account to go back to the login screen and exit the game.

* Stats *
In the Lobby you can view all of your statistics in the top left corner of the screen. You can see your Nickname, Level, Percent until level-up, Total XP, Kills, Deaths and your Kills/Deaths Ratio.

* Experience Points, Levels and Badges *
Experience points (XP) are earned by playing matches. When you have acquired enough XP you will level-up. When you register an account you will start at level 1 with 0 XP. Each level represents a badge.

Current methods of obtaining XP are:
Fragging enemies = 5 XP
Dying = 1 XP
More methods may be added in the future.

* Settings *
You can adjust the settings of the game by clicking the "Settings" button in the Lobby. You can adjust your controls and sound/music volume. You can also toggle fullscreen mode on/off by hitting the 'F8' key at any time.

* Game Controls *
The following default game controls are:
Move_Left: A
Move_Right: D
Stand/Up: W
Crouch/Down: S
Jump: Space
Sneak: Shift
Reload: R
Primary: 1
Secondary: 2
Nade 1: 3
Nade 2: 4
Plant/Defuse: E
Shoot: Left Click (unchangeable)

* Highscores *
You can view the list of highscores by clicking the "Highscores" button in the Lobby. The Highscores table shows the list of top 10 players in the world (can be ordered by XP, Kills and Deaths). You can also look-up the nicknames of current existing accounts by entering a nickname of an account in the textbox to the left of the Highscores table, and you will be able to view all the current stats of that account.

* Equipment *
You can choose the setup of your weapons and equipment by clicking the "Equipment" button in the Lobby. Within there you can choose your primary and secondary weapons as well as toggle your grenade setup. You can also change the skin of your primary weapons. Every 10 levels you unlock a new skin up to level 90.

Primary Weapons:
- MP5
- AK74u
- M4A1
- M16
- AK47
- M24
- SPAS-11
- K1

Secondary Weapons:
- Colt 45
- Magnum

- HE
- Flash
- Smoke

* Joining a Game *
On the Lobby screen, there is a server list in the center. Each server shows the name of the server, the amount of clients currently playing, the maximum amount of clients allowed on the server at one time, the game mode, which map is being played and whether or not the server is password protected. Double click any of the servers that are available to join that server.

* In-game *
Once you have successfully connected to a server, you must pick a team. You can press the '1' key to join team Red, '2' for team Blue and '3' will assign you to whichever team needs players. Once you have picked a team, you will be able to spectate other players (if you are dead or have not yet spawned). If you are playing TDM you can respawn your character in your base by hitting the 'F' key. Once you have respawned you will be able to frag members of the opposite team in order to earn kills and XP. If you die, you will have to wait until you can respawn.

* Game Modes *
- TDM (Team Deathmatch)
In TDM both teams (Red and Blue) must frag each other in order to gain points. The idea of the game is that the first team is exceed the maximum amount of points wins the match. This means that it is important to stay alive, as dying for your team effectively means that you are giving the other team a point. Once you die, you will be able to respawn after 5 seconds.

- Bomb Mode
In Bomb mode both teams (Red and Blue) each have an objective to complete in order gain a point. The objective of the Red team is to attack and plant a bomb at either one of the two bomb targets (A or B) within 120 seconds OR kill all the members of the Blue team. The objective of the Blue team is to defend these two bomb targets for 120 seconds OR eliminate all members of the Red team. If the bomb has been planted there is a 30 second timer before the bomb detonates. Within that 30 second time period the Blue team MUST defuse the bomb to be able to win the round (regardless of whether or not there are any Red players left alive). Bomb mode consists of rounds, once you have died you will not be able to respawn until the round is over. The round is over when all players on one of the teams are dead or one of the two teams suceeds in completing their objective.

* Maps *
The current playable maps prior to version 1.00 are:

- mp_plains
- mp_plains2
- mp_desert
- mp_houseinvasion
- mp_houseinvasion2
- mp_underground
- mp_frosty

New maps are being worked on and will be added to the game in due course.

* Updates *
As well as the rest of the already existing content, there will also be regular updates to the game. So every now and again you might have to update your version of the game. But don't worry, this doesn't mean that you must redownload the game, your game will update automatically for you if it is out-of-date. Updates could include simple things that you may not notice when playing the game such as bug fixes, but most updates will contain additional content (e.g. new maps).

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Posted by s-m-r 3rd August, 2013

Looks good so far, after a few visits to the team DM servers. Reminds me of soldat from my gaming days years ago.

Any scheduled game days or times you can post, so that players can jump in when they're likely assured to find opponents?

And of course, the inevitable question is: how can someone submit their own maps?
Posted by jesús A. 20th August, 2013
Rated :

make example please.
Posted by hapsi 10th September, 2013

Looks good.. have to test it after work. Online multiplayer? No bot game? Then we should definitely plan a match..





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