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Lubber Battles
Author: Trooper Submitted: 12th August, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 49

Edited By Trooper on 8/12/2006

Info: A 2-player 5-mini-game pack based on the
single player game titled Lubber, which I
submitted earlier.


Game 1 - Shoot Out
Defeat your opponent by hitting them
with your weapon until they have no more
life. Jump onto higher levels to avoid
being an easy target. The 'clear' walls
may not be crossed, but can be shot
through. Each player has a chance to get a
healthpack which heals one health point.
Only three weapons from each player may be
fired at a time.


Game 2 - King of the Hill
Don't fall down and hit the deadly spikes
on the ground below. Bump into your enemy
or try to push them back with your weapon.
The floor below slowly disappears from
outside to in. Each player can fire a
maximum of four weapons at a single time.


Game 3 - Falldown
Avoid being pushed up into the spikes
above you. Move left and right to continue
falling down the randomly generated
platforms. After 30 seconds, the game will
get faster.


Game 4 - Pong
In this remake of the classic game Pong,
avoid letting the balls get passed you.
This time there are two balls which you
can either bounce off your paddle or shoot
with your weapon to make it bounce towards
your opponent. Hitting your opponent with
your weapon will have no effect. First
person to let the balls get passed them
five times loses.


Game 5 - Cave-in
The spikes on the roof will randomly fall
so you must avoid getting hit more than
five times. Jump into your opponent or
shoot them with your weapon to bump them
around. Use the 'clear' platforms to your
advantage. Again, these platforms can be
shot through. Hitting your opponent with
your weapon will not hurt them.

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Posted by ]Alpha[ 13th August, 2006

Funny game
Too bad it is a 2players only game
Posted by Trooper 13th August, 2006

Yeah . The original Lubber game was for 1 player. Not that many people downloaded it though :X
Posted by Ollie 14th August, 2006

It's quite neat! I reckon you should make them fire only right or left on some levels (so they fire towards the enemy's side). I also think the battles are too short for a few of the games. it gets annoying waiting for the player winning screen to finish so you can try again. How about rounds? Like best of 5 or something. Should be easy to make.

But the overall feel is tidy (including graphics)
Posted by Trooper 14th August, 2006

Good point Ollie I'll probably fix that up (the firing and best of 5) as soon as I get time. I'm a little busy with stuff but thanks for the comment!





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