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Author: Trooper Submitted: 8th July, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 73

Lubber is a single player game where you are a small blue ball-like character. Navigate your way through 3 separate worlds with 4 levels each by rolling and bouncing off walls. Avoid getting hit by the various enemies. Fight against the boss at the end of each world. There is a password at the beginning of each world and right before each boss. See the screenshots for a better view of how the game works.

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Posted by Airflow 8th July, 2006

You should make it so that the bombs hit the ground.
Posted by 9th July, 2006

Cool gaeme

Posted by Mruqe 9th July, 2006

I don't find this fun. Sorry.
I like the graphics style, though.
Posted by Airflow 9th July, 2006

There's a glitch on level 2 where if your invincible and you hit a trap, the game freezes.

I like the way the bomber plane follows you around.
Posted by Trooper 10th July, 2006

Skinny: Yeah, I knew about that problem and I wanted to make the bombs hit the ground. To tell you the truth, I made most of this game more than 3 years ago and just decided to finish it up. It's not as good as it could've /should've been but I figured I would at least put it up so people can play it.
Posted by Airflow 10th July, 2006

I wish I still had some of my old games.
Posted by Trooper 16th July, 2006

anyone else wanna download and comment on the game?
Posted by ben mercer 17th July, 2006

Heh I have a game called landlubber.gam. It involves making bombs out of gunpowder barrels and blowing up taverns though so it's nothing like this.
Posted by Crimson79 18th July, 2006

Posted by Crimson79 18th July, 2006

i liked the game it was simple and fun thumps up





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