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Xinok's Extensions (ported to MMF2)
Author: Joshtek Submitted: 20th August, 2006 Favourites:1
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 445

Edited By Joshtek on 8/24/2006

I have ported 12 extensions created by Xinok over to Multimedia Fusion 2.

Prime Object: Searches for prime numbers.
Array 3D: Converts 1D arrays into 2D or 3D arrays.
Bitwise Helper: Allows for 'and / or' conditions in MMF through bitwise operators.
Cypher: Cypher encryption algorithm.
IfElse Nest: Allows for If, Else conditions. Supports Else IF and Nested IF to an unlimited depth.
Sleep Object: Lowers CPU usage by idling app between cycles. (Made obsolete by MMF2)
While Object: Allows for 'While' loops and nested loops.
Store Float: Converts between the floating point and long data types for storage purposes.
Application Priority: Controls the actual priority of the application in Windows.
Binary Quickload: Can quickly load large files into the Binary object.
FileTime: Can read or change the Created / Modified / Last Accessed times on a file.
FMod: Can perform modulus on floating point variables.

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Posted by Nova Soft 20th August, 2006

Awesome, thanks!
Posted by Reno 23rd August, 2006

Did ANYONE get Ifelse Nest to work in MMF1.5? I didn't
Posted by Reno 25th August, 2006

The object crashed upon load. No conditions, actions, expressions and a VERY large box on the active screen.
Posted by Zethell 4th September, 2006

I agree, Reno has a small brain.





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