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MMF2 hardware acceleration - 1000 unique objects
Author: Joshtek Submitted: 3rd September, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 598
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Edited By Joshtek on 9/8/2007

Note: You need DirectX 9 to run this application!

Clickteam released provided attendees of the 2007 Click Convention with a hardware acceleration demo patch for MMF2.

This application demonstrates this HWA functionality by putting 1000 unique bouncing objects of differing colour, sizes and levels of semi-transparency on the screen at the same time. Some of the objects rotate clockwise, some rotate counter-clockwise and others do not rotate.

* Hold down left mouse button to make the boxes smaller.
* Hold down right mouse button to make the boxes larger.

If you want to see how well it runs with software rendering, create a shortcut to the application and add the commdandline switch -DIB (correct capitalisation is required)

Other HWA demos available: (by Villy, Popcorn, LIJI, Joshtek and Jam) (by Sphax / Complex-softwares)

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Posted by Sphax 3rd September, 2007

Nice illustration of the HWA capabilities.
Posted by Ski 3rd September, 2007

YAY! pretty
Posted by Joshtek 3rd September, 2007

I've uploaded a new version which is slightly more interesting.
Posted by Nobuyuki 3rd September, 2007

I managed to crash it by holding down the left mouse button too long
Posted by Ricky 4th September, 2007

I got it to crash too
Posted by steve 4th September, 2007

crashed after about 8 seconds..
Posted by AndyUK 4th September, 2007

looks like this hardware acceleration is a better idea than i originally thought.
Posted by DaVince 4th September, 2007

Wow, even this can get slow after a while. 8 fps.

Still, I can't imagine what it would be like without HWA... 0.01 FPS?
Posted by LIJI 4th September, 2007

60 FPS for me, no crashes.
Gee, your hardware sucks...
Posted by Ski 4th September, 2007

Doesn't crash for me either :S
Posted by Joshtek 4th September, 2007

Mostly constant at 60 give or take 3fps for me with no crashing.
Posted by DaVince 4th September, 2007

LIJI: ATI Express series 1100. That does suck, but it's still way slow. I mean heck, Morrowind runs smooth.
Posted by Bibin 4th September, 2007

Posted by Jarzka 5th September, 2007

FPS only 20

Nvidia GeForce 7600
Posted by LIJI 5th September, 2007

Posted by Bo Fu 5th September, 2007

1GB RAM + Vista = computer no worky so good. You need 2GB to run Vista and hope for any performance. (But it handles 2GB better than XP does.)
Posted by LIJI 5th September, 2007

Winblows XP, 1GB, Raedon X1300, 1.86 GHZ * 2 = 60 FPS.
Posted by Gamelon Productions 5th September, 2007

AMD Mobile Sempron 3600+ 2 GHz, ATI Mobility Radeon X1250, Windows XP

61 FPS
Posted by Torava 5th September, 2007

Intel Pentium III 500MHz, 256 RAM, NVidia Riva TNT2 (32 Mb), Windows 2K

Harware rendering - doesn't work. Software rendering - 1 FPS.
Posted by -Nick- 5th September, 2007

In response to Jarzka:

I also own a 7600 (GS, the lowest one), the application ran at 60fps (although it got slow if i made the objects too big).

2gb RAM, Core2 Duo 2.6ghz

I assume it is the processor which is making it smoother on mine, so how is it hardware accelerated if the processor is limiting it? Surely the 7600 should run this application fine no matter what other specifications it has?
Posted by Simon Colmer 5th September, 2007

I got it to crash around 20 secs into it!
Posted by Ricky 5th September, 2007

Geforce 4 Ti 4200, My card used to PWN, I pretend it still does
Posted by -Nick- 5th September, 2007

Phizzy, i would image that is because V-sync is on, as most peoples refresh rate is between 60 and 70ish, that is the highest framerate we can get. If your monitor is set to something like 150hz then it will run at that speed. Is that healthy?
Posted by AndyUK 5th September, 2007

my monitor is set to 60 and this app goes to 80 or so. It didn't drop below until i make the objects really large then it started going at around 60.
Any bigger than that would make it crash.
Posted by Bo Fu 5th September, 2007

Torava: I'm surprised your computer still even runs. The last time I used a computer like that was about ten years ago.
Posted by -Nick- 6th September, 2007

Oh, that's odd then. But when i ran it it stayed on 60 or 61 as if that was the limit.
Posted by Silveraura 6th September, 2007

It never drops below 65fps for me. Stays up around 70-75fps
Posted by alperoz49 6th September, 2007

Posted by Torava 6th September, 2007

Bo Fu,

I believe that the computer which I used is about ten years old. However the games like Jazz Jackrabbit 2 and Wings 2 runs well with it.
Posted by DaVince 6th September, 2007

Well yes, they easily would.
Posted by AndyUK 7th September, 2007

My computer can play doom! suck on that!
Posted by viva/volt 8th September, 2007

I get 150 fps like Phizzy, and my refresh rate is only 75Hz. I can get it down to about 50 fps before it crashes though .

2.16Ghz C2D, 2.5 gb RAM, XP Home, NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT 128Mb
Posted by -Nick- 8th September, 2007

How odd bed, my system is nearly identical to yours. But it stays EXACTLY on a constant 60.
Posted by Zethell 8th September, 2007

ok, how'd they do this?

When i add more than 500 objects in MMF2 it goes down to around.. 5 fps.
Posted by Reno 8th September, 2007

This kinda sucks. Its so easy to crash. It runs at ~77FPS but when it gets around the vortex part of the demo if you click on the mouse it crashes :\

compatibility is low
Posted by Clubsoft 8th September, 2007

Couldn't get it below ~90fps, only crashes if I maximise it
Posted by DaVince 9th September, 2007

Zethell, you're not very up-to-date, aren't you? This shows the wonders of the upcoming hardware acceleration features.

They still need to work on this, apparently. Never crashed for me.
Posted by jpSoul 15th September, 2007

it crashes after 10-20 seconds...
Posted by Assault Andy 16th September, 2007

Mine doesn't crash but I get quite bad FPS, it runs at about 10 FPS on my system. Although I know my system is outdated I don't think that my system is terrible. Because it can quite easily run Counter Strike Source, DOD Source and other Source engine games at 30-40 FPS.

Which still isn't fast, but it seems odd that this 2D demo and the other HWA demos should run that slow.
Posted by Guru Rinpoche 16th September, 2007

This demo would be much more useful if it including some scrolling...I bet that'd slow it down more, and most people usual utilize some scrolling...
Posted by ben mercer 17th September, 2007

"This demo would be much more useful if it including some scrolling...I bet that'd slow it down more, and most people usual utilize some scrolling..."

Bet it wouldn't. Direct3D handles rendering in an entirely different way to MMF SW rendering. In a 3D game, the entire scene is recalculated and rerendered every frame.

So regardless of whether the game is scrolling or not, it will still render the entire scene every frame.

I can see that HW acceleration is going to be just fantastic. When clickteam first announced it some people were like "Who cares about hardware acceleration, I don't need pretty lighting effects to make a retro mario clone!". At the very least hardware acceleration simply gives us room to breathe. My current game "The Orphanage" will benefeit greatly from HWA, not because it will magically make it have better graphics, but because it will run at a silky smooth frame rate.

Also some people said "but what about the people who don't have the latest new fangled directx 9 video cards?" DirectX9 isn't remotely new anymore. I picked up my pretty capable directX9 SM3 video card for about 45 at a local computer store. Thats almost half what I payed for MMF2!
Posted by Guru Rinpoche 17th September, 2007

Let's hope you're right.
Posted by Guru Rinpoche 17th September, 2007

When is this projected to come out anyway?
Posted by Ricky 20th September, 2007

my card is direct x 8 and it runs this great
Posted by Joshua M. 4th October, 2007

This is great! A HUUUGE performance difference 8D
Posted by chrilley 11th October, 2007

1,8Ghz C2D
GeForce 8800 GTS 320 MB
Windows XP

Kept a steady 110 + fps at the beginning, eventually slowed down to 70 when resizing the boxes to their max, then crashed after clicking too much.

If they get this to work it'll be awesome.





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