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Author: Monkey Soft Submitted: 4th October, 2006 Favourites:0
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Edited By Monkey Soft on 10/4/2006

Tubopac is a remake of Oils Well (C64, Sierra On-Line, 1983, by Thomas J. Mitchell) created for Retro Remakes 2006 Competition.

The gameplay is similar to Pacman, but with an important twist: you move an extending pipe which can quickly retract; you have to collect all oil pellets but you must keep the enemies from touching your tube.

"Congratulations! Geologists have discovered an incredibly large oil deposit on your land! In order to reap the rewards, you must get the oil out of the ground. Unfortunately, jealous oil barons hear of your good fortune and set out to spoil your drilling operation by planting land mines and Oozies in your oil fields.

In Oil's Well you maneuver a drill bit through a series of eight mazes, gobbling up Oil Pellets as you go. The drill bit is connected to a pipe, and you must keep the Oozies from touching the pipe and the land mines from touching the drill bit. You can eat special oil nuggets called Petromins to slow down the Oozies. Super-rich oil deposits called Goblets can be eaten for extra points. When you clear a screen of all the Oil Pellets, the construction workers above the field of play finish building the oil refinery, and you move on to the next oil field.

As you move throughout each maze, you can retract the drill bit (all the way back to its starting point) in order to avoid the enemies. ~ Brett Alan Weiss, All Game Guide"

Tubopac features original graphics and sound, a solid engine, a lot of levels and even a final boss.

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Posted by steve 4th October, 2006

Very well made!
I had not even heard of the original even though I was a big C64 fan back in the day but I love the isometric stage selection graphics and brilliant music!

The main concept itself I found a bit tiring but the game engine is perfectly programmed (take note whoever made that Tank Wars game )

Not the most interesting game ever made but it makes up for this with great presentation and overall goodness.
Thumbs Up!
Posted by 4th October, 2006

I have to agree with that steve dude up there!
Very damn well made. Havent heard of the original either, but i love the gameplay. ^^ Really solid engine, very nice retro-graphics and i love the music!

Great work!
Posted by Franz (Fendez Gaming) 4th October, 2006

Wow, the graphics on this are great! Can see you put a lot of time and effort in Fun gane!

Reminds me of Snake in a way.
Posted by DeadmanDines 4th October, 2006

Great game!

A little short, I managed to finish the game in not too much time at all. Graphics are lovely and the gameplay was fantastic!
Posted by Hayato - DGTal Factory 4th October, 2006

An extremely polished game, boasting very good graphics and excellent programming. Also really playable and fun despite being based on an ancient C64 game. I find it pleasing to play even though I never liked Pac-Man. Thumbs all the way up!
Posted by Monkey Soft 5th October, 2006

Really thanks guys!

For the shortness, you could try to explore all path in the isometric map, there are other 6 levels you couldn't visit in your first run.
Posted by axel 5th October, 2006

Looks fun
Posted by Chrisbo 5th October, 2006

Fun little game. I didn't read the instructions so the first couple times I didn't realize the enemies can't touch your tail. Music and presentation are awesome!
Posted by contra 5th October, 2006

"you must keep the enemies from touching your tube" o_O

Seriously, great work!
Posted by Del Duio 5th October, 2006

A really good game. I didn't read the instructions either at first, so I didn't know that you could eat the enemies / aliens / whatever they are. Each time an enemy came towards my pipeline, I'd retreat to the surface. I was going to dismiss it as boring until I actually read how to play after. I'm surprised I never heard of this game before yesterday. Too bad it looks like Pac Man, though. Thumbs up!
Posted by Chrisbo 6th October, 2006

oh dude I didn't know you could eat the enemies. man I need to read instructions more often

Posted by Del Duio 6th October, 2006

The only bad thing though is the controls seem to stick or something from time to time. It's pretty minor though.
Posted by markno2 7th October, 2006

Good game and graphics. I played through the whole game.
Posted by Fragasnap 9th October, 2006

it's quite fun! I'm working on Inferno mode, I'm at level 6
I've run into several events where the ball that moves up your tube when you eat an enemy sticks in place, and I can't seem to go to the other bonus level on the split after level 4.
Posted by Monkey Soft 13th October, 2006

The original game was still harder.

Anyway the standard difficulty level is Harder; I put all other choices to add accessibility (which was the theme of the competition)
Posted by Reno 14th October, 2006

not bad
Posted by Bear Cub 15th October, 2006

that's soooo quality for a MMF game!
Posted by DaVince 15th October, 2006

I recognize some sprites from my Atari/Commodore, funny. Downloading!
Posted by Lachie Dazdarian 20th October, 2006

An excellent remake. Top notch design. I didn't notice any bugs or things that look ugly or out of place. The game plays very smoothly.

Just one thing. Perhaps I got this wrong, but does the player have infinite lives? I mean, when I lose all my lives I can continue playing the same level but all over. If it is so, that was a bad choice. It makes the game too easy. You should have installed continues feature. 2 or 3. Would make the game much more challenging.

It's quite interesting how much today freeware games are easier than the commercial were in early 90ies and before. That is, in average. Lately I've been playing a lot of action Amiga games and the number of those that are not completely discouraging are really minimal.
Posted by Monkey Soft 20th October, 2006

I couldn't give limited continues... having a save feature it doesn't make sense.

I agree with you that games are far too easy, but it's what a large majority of new-gamers want.

And you have to consider the theme of the compo was accessibility; I had to add ridicously easy difficulty setting... just play with Harder or Inferno to enjoy the game
Posted by Lachie Dazdarian 20th October, 2006

Errr...why the save feature wouldn't make sense with limited continues? The save feature should then save the number of continues too, and that's it.

I'm not sure if this would require big re-codoing of your save feature.
Posted by Monkey Soft 20th October, 2006

You can continue to load the game with one credit left... just quit before the game can save your game over.
Posted by Lachie Dazdarian 30th October, 2006

Yeah, you are right. I would actually completely disable the save game option and enable 2-4 continues. Turbopac really isn't that long game. Anyway, I stand behind my point that the game is too easy or at least provides features that can make the game too easy. I finished the game on Normal difficulty from the first playing of the game, losing only one life. And the easy/easiest difficulties are really a joke. I mean, for whom are they. Chimps?!?

Anyway, I hope you won't get this wrong. I really liked the game. I'm just saying how I wouldn't make it. I just don't like pampering players who don't want to be challenged at all with a computer game.
Posted by Monkey Soft 15th November, 2006

As I wrote above....

"you have to consider the theme of the compo was accessibility; I had to add ridicously easy difficulty setting. Just play with Harder or Inferno to enjoy the game."





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