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Dual analog movement in 4 events!
Author: Monkey Soft Submitted: 7th January, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 153

I just bought a Xbox360/PC controller, and in a couple of hours I wrote this movement/shooting engine for dual analog controllers. Please tell me if it works well with yours!

Left stick: 8 directions movement
Right stick: 32 directions rotation
Simple autofire in the direction you face

I managed to wrote all movement/rotation code in 4 lines only, and you can see them in the CCA included! This is your chance to make a wonderful dual analog shooter!

This engine/tutorial uses the following extensions:
- Joypad Object:
- Direction Calculator :
- Advanced Direction Object:

There is a little of math, but I think that the events are quite simple to modify. Anyway I wrote some comments to explain a bit the most difficult parts.

You can use freely this file... just give me a reply to this page telling if it works well with your joypad (please include manufacturer and model).


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Posted by Plooscva 7th January, 2007

Nice engine, too bad my joypad is in my other house :/
Posted by Monkey Soft 7th January, 2007

Engine updated, now you can change variables to set up properly your joypad axes.
Posted by Ganymede Graphics 7th January, 2007

looks impressive, but saydly my joypad isn't with us anymore.
Posted by Monkey Soft 8th January, 2007

If you test the engine, please tell me your joypad manufacturer and model! Thank you!
Posted by s-m-r 8th January, 2007

Wow...maybe I can remake Space Dungeon with this...

I'll check out your engine soon, and with luck I can come up with a great game to match it! Thanks for posting, Monkey Soft!
Posted by contra 8th January, 2007

Tested with Playstation dualshock using an usb adaptor.
Left analog works great, the right works great up and down. But if i push rightanalog left/right the Z value changes, but the shooting object or the testbox wont respond to it.
Posted by Monkey Soft 8th January, 2007

@Tyraner: try to put Z in Xright variable (click on the rectangle)
Posted by Pariah Leviticus 9th January, 2007

Nice! This makes me want to upgrade to MMF2 even more as I'm only running TGF2 right now.
Posted by lembi2001 10th January, 2007

Nice idea, but i created a 360 movement engine with 360 firing. The left analog controls the movement and the right controls fire direction.
Posted by Billybobjoe198 12th January, 2007

Posted by vrba79 19th March, 2007

I could see doing a more arcade accurate Smash TV clone with this.





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