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Burning Phoenix
Author: Aaron Tomko Submitted: 19th November, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 84

Edited By Aaron Tomko on 11/21/2006


In the year 3752, Earth is attacked by an alien infestation. As the planet scambles to fight back the attacks as best it can, the military is designing a weapon of incredible power to blast the infestation back to where ever it came from. As the pilot of the newly designed Burning Phoenix fighter jet, you are sent into space to fight off the alien attackers as long as possible so the military's Giga cannon can charge up a devestating blast to finish them off once and for all. This will undoubtedly be your last mission. Armed with the latest in military technology you must focus your senses as you try to hold them off for as long as possible. Everything is riding on your shoulders.


Burning Phoenix is a fast paced arcade shooter designed for pick up and play style gameplay. The game's design is easy to pick up and use, but hard to master. With three different gameplay difficulties, Medal mode for hardcore players, loads of unlockables, and a slick user-friendly interface, Burning Phoenix is the shooter for you and a welcome addition to the Xarion Games Library.

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Posted by Ski 19th November, 2006

Lol "Burning Phoenix" A phoenix burns anyway, its made from fire.
Posted by axel 19th November, 2006

I think the "Burning" was an adjective there, not a verb.
Posted by 19th November, 2006

Garuda aren't made from fire. They just burn when they die, and are reborn from the ashes.
Posted by Ski 19th November, 2006

Wrong! Some are made from fire. Theres several versions. They can emit fire when ever they like.
Posted by 19th November, 2006

I liked it, though it would be much better with an online highscore list... But its a good game indeed

And -_- is that a fake loading screen?
Posted by Windybeard Games 19th November, 2006

woah people, pheonix arnt even real, relax!
Posted by 19th November, 2006

ok bro im cool.
Posted by Aaron Tomko 20th November, 2006

Well I'm glad you seem to like my game everyone. I didn't think the name would really draw that much attention, but for all who are interested here's why it's called Burning Phoenix. First off in reference to gamplay, you have the fact that you are sent into battle in a blazingly fast starfighter, so fast it seems to "burn" up the sky, with guns blazing into a situation where you will undoubtedly die, but "rise from the ashes" as it were to play again. The name Burning Phoenix referres also to the ship itself in two ways. One, it's overall design is structured to resemble a phoenix. And two, the "burning" part describes how it can light up the darkness of space with a fury of fiery energy weaponry and powerfull explosive blasts. Beyond that the name really, in all truth, matters little and I am curious about what you guys actually think of the game and where you could see it possibly improved. And SkyDragon no it's not a fake loading screen as roughly 8 seconds were needed to make sure everything within the play area had loaded, moved into position, and begun their base routines. I personally really don't like load screens, but sometimes they're necessary in order to keep the game looking professional. Believe me, the game would hardly look professional if you had to watch the level basically "build" itself everytime you loaded up the game, but I am working on some ways to possibly get rid of the load screen entirely, so I may implement it into a possible sequel or somesuch. Again, I thank you all for your interest and am very curious what aspects of the game you enjoyed the most and where you could see some weaker areas changed. Thank you.
Posted by 20th November, 2006

Heh okay, just that most TGF/MMF games dont need loading screens, so people sometimes throw in fake ones for... well, some unkown stupid reason

Maybe you can solve it by using fastloops to run the events faster when loading?
Posted by Aaron Tomko 20th November, 2006

Yeah I'm actually practicing fastloops right now so I should be able to hopefully implement what I've learned into my upcoming games. Also has anyone unlocked the "Phoenix Medal" yet?
Posted by 20th November, 2006

Hmm not many downloads at all, which is sad as this is a pretty fun game. Too bad it didnt reach the frontpage...
Posted by Aaron Tomko 21st November, 2006

Yeah, usually you don't do too well if your game doesn't find itself in the GOTW runnings or on the main page. It's ok though. I make these games because I like to do it. If doesn't make the front page it's cool. I'm just happy people like it.

Posted by 21st November, 2006

Screenshots need to work for that!
Posted by steve 21st November, 2006

seemed pretty good until it crashed after about 20 seconds playing.
Posted by Aaron Tomko 21st November, 2006

The screenshots seem to load into the page just fine for me on my pc. What are they coming up as on yours?

Really?! It crashed? If you can please DC mail me the details you can remember about the situation that would be great, as I would definitely like to rectify the problem in anyway I can. If you can't remember it's ok as I will be going back through the code today to see what I can find myself. I don't want you to stop playing because of a possible error on my end.
Posted by 21st November, 2006

Hmm the screenshot didnt work for me either at first, but when i clicked on it it showed up after that...
Posted by renneF 22nd November, 2006

Pretty good, but this needs 360 degree movement and shooting!
Posted by Aaron Tomko 23rd November, 2006

Has anyone else experienced the crash that Steve was talking about? I haven't run into it myself yet, and I'm still sifting through the coding. I just was curious if anyone else had run into this problem as I would like to rectify this as soon as possible.
Posted by s-m-r 24th November, 2006

Excellent, excellent job, man! Things become faster and faster until there's no room left to run. The music selections were great choices, too.

Haven't encountered that crash problem, so I can't help you there. But keep up the great work! Hope to see more shmups from you in the future.
Posted by s-m-r 24th November, 2006

Okay, encountered the crash for the first time...Here are some details that I recall:

Medal mode
Score was 2120 (hadn't played very long at all)
Current multiplier was x1, combo was x1
Behemoth was being spawned (the graphics locked up while the behemoth was over top of the entry portal).
"Rock Lobster" was playing.
Posted by Aaron Tomko 25th November, 2006

Thank you S-M-R. That actually is very helpful. The glitch appears to be tied to the music call function as well as affecting the spawn zones. I will be putting in some time to address this issue and find the problem today.
Posted by Aaron Tomko 27th November, 2006

Ok, I seem to have narrowed it down. I changed some minor aspects of the coding and it appears to be working perfectly now. I've clocked roughly 4.5 hours so far without any crashes. Hopefully this solves the problem for all of you. I will continue to look through the code to make absolutely sure I've rounded out all of the possible errors.
Posted by s-m-r 29th November, 2006

Glad to be of service. Your game is totally underrated, considering the fanboy competition there is going on for GOTW. But I'm a shoot-em-up addict, through and through, so I may be partial....

I think the only thing that hampers it is the lack of 360-degree shooting. Does TGF allow that sort of system to be in place? Was it simply easier to go without it, and stick with 32-direction aiming? Something else?
Posted by Aaron Tomko 29th November, 2006

Thanks for the compliment S-M-R. TGF does actually to do it. I've been klicking for over 9 years now, and have always focused more on the overall feel of the game rather than specific and in some cases unnecessary aspects. Some of the best games of all time when scrutinized have some very large flaws, but we loved them because the overall experience was what we were after. That said, I have only just started messing around with the extensions as a mere curiosity, and so was not able to add it in. Plus I really liked how Geometry Wars worked on the XBOX360 without it. I may add it in if I do a sequel down the line though, as 360 movement and shooting seems to be the focus for most here.

And yeah, going up against Smeby for GOTW is an impossibilty, but I've done pretty well considering I don't really have any fanbase here on TDC.
Posted by viva/volt 3rd December, 2006

This is a very fun game, even if the 32 angle makes it hard
Posted by s-m-r 5th December, 2006

For me, the 360-degree shooting angle isn't so much a stylistic choice as it is a playability one. Being able to shoot at the same location non-stop while your ship is moving would be a lot more helpful; as of now, if you try to shoot in the same spot while moving, bullets will hit it in "waves" instead of a steady stream, which creates a lot of wasted shots (there's no limit to ammunition, but I hope you know what I mean). When I originally posted my comment, I hadn't known whether or not the function was capable of being done in TGF (I just recently bought MMF2). I still dig the game, of course.

Seeing a sequel to this game would be a pleasant suprise. Whenever someone posts something that even hints at a sequel, we know there's at least a chance...Make sure you post a preview here at TDC.
Posted by Aaron Tomko 5th December, 2006

I'll definitely make sure to do that when then next one is worth showing. I'll be implementing the 360 shooting, but I didn't do it this time (beyond a style choice) because I didn't really have a handle on it. I usually try to stick with what I know. Oh and I'm glad to hear you're still playing and enjoying it. I don't usually do shooters so I'm glad this one's come out nicely. I'm probably gonna work on another UG title before doing a sequel to this one, but I liked designing a classic shooter so another will undoubtedly be in the works.
Posted by s-m-r 5th December, 2006

One last question...does collecting any power ups - even the Gravity Shield - ruin your chances at the Pacifist Medal? Trying to acquire all the medals is blowing my mind...
Posted by Aaron Tomko 5th December, 2006

Yeah, it does actually because while it is a defensive weapon, it is also an offensive one.
Posted by CsaR 9th December, 2006

Looks like Geometry Wars. I'll try it out.
Posted by Hempuli 9th December, 2006

very goof.
Posted by Hempuli 9th December, 2006

Whops, misspush, i meant *good*.
Posted by BeamSplashX 10th December, 2006

Is that specific crash fixed in this download?
Posted by Aaron Tomko 10th December, 2006

Thank you for the compliment Hempuli. And BeamSplashX yes, the crash S-M-R found earlier has been fixed and tested thoroughly. If you have come across a new one please inform me of any specifics you can remember and I will be glad to fix the issue. Again, thank you all for playing my game and I hope you continue to enjoy it.
Posted by sean cameron 11th December, 2006

Pretty fun, has that addictive feel. Looks like lots of work went in. Had some nice touches, I liked how the screen turned red when you're in danger. Omni-directional shooting might be a consideration in a sequel, if you wanted. Sometimes I had to move to shoot bad guys cas they were slipping between my shootable areas
nice job
Posted by Justin Warnes 12th December, 2006

Good work man!

The game really could use a 360 engine though, as others have noticed. I'd be willing to help out by writing a simple full 360 script-based engine if you'd like, but I only have MMF 1.5.
Posted by Aaron Tomko 21st December, 2006

Thank you Justin. That's a very kind offer. If the tutorials I'm reading through right now don't seem to help me out I'll probably take you up on your offer. Oh, and I hope everyone is having a great holiday this year.
Posted by Ando 23rd December, 2006

I <3 Burning Pheonix.

Very difficult, very fun. Some of those medals are flipping EVIL.





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