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Pokémon Online
Author: Haris Ahmed Submitted: 16th January, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 662

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Pokémon Online v0.6 (Alpha) is a Pokemon MMORPG. Players can pick their starter Pokemon and battle online.

Pokemon Online (POL) is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) that involves quests, player personalisation, persistent NPCs, sparring and general exploration. Players will have the ability to train and catch pokemon while battling other trainers online in real-time. The POL game is closely based on the original Pokemon Gameboy games, with most of the traditional elements remaining intact. The POL enviroment is completely 2D and replicates the graphics used in the original games. The POL MMORPG has the ability to support hundreds and even thousands of simultaneously connected players. This means that you will interact in a vast virtual world, with many kingdoms and quests, with players from all over the world.

The POL game has no end, it just keeps evolving. POL has many quests, events, tools for building new content and personalising your character, games within the game, chat, forums and much more. POL has been a prominent part of the Pokémon fandom since 1999. Beyond providing the fundamentals of any MMORPG - a dedicated team, a fantastic forum community, and professionalism, Pokemon Online has made for itself a mission. Pokemon Online seeks to involve the community wherever possible.

Pokemon Online has proven itself to be innovative in its approaches to nearly everything - from being the first Pokemon MMMORPG project to incorporating a community-driven spirit into the development of the game. This is a site where you aren''t just a fan - you''re a member. This is a community. This is where you can contribute on your own time, as much or as little as you want. This is the ultimate Pokémon MMORPG. This is Pokemon Online.

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Posted by The Chris Street 17th January, 2007

Better description please before we accept.
Posted by Haris Ahmed 19th January, 2007

I've updated the desciption.
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 20th January, 2007

awesome! keeping up the good work I see!
Posted by Joe.H 20th January, 2007

If you hold return whilst walking, your name stays in the position it is where you started holding it.
Posted by Fanotherpg 20th January, 2007

Small number of players and some controls/how to exit from this start place would be nice..
Posted by Ganymede Graphics 21st January, 2007

It dosn't seem right that the month has to be a two digit number, i was born in march.
Posted by Joe.H 21st January, 2007


Just use a preceding 0 if it's january-september
Posted by awesomeasapossum 21st January, 2007

It says that MooServer is unresponsive...what should I do?
Posted by steve 21st January, 2007

MooServer is unresponsive
Posted by steve 21st January, 2007

nevermind ^^ its working now, presentation looks top quality so far!

Posted by steve 21st January, 2007

"cheap server disconnected"??? :|
Posted by Reno 21st January, 2007

its funny that the players resolution is greater than everything else. LOL
Posted by Jason Orme 21st January, 2007

MooServer is unresponsive

Posted by Jason Orme 21st January, 2007

"cheap server disconnected"
Posted by Kazuma 21st January, 2007

MooServer is unresponsive. -.-
Posted by Fanotherpg 22nd January, 2007

Still isn't working.. Maybe some single player mode?
Posted by Hempuli 22nd January, 2007

Posted by steve 22nd January, 2007

I managed to get inside the game once and there was absolutely nothing to do, tried clicking on other players but the fights are disabled right?

Some people tried clicking on me and "FIGHT - YES or NO" appears but the "YES" is not clickable.
Posted by Reno 22nd January, 2007

works fine for me :\

BTW in the real release I hope you won't be able to chose your own pokemon and would have to catch/train them yourselfs. You should remove mew/mewtwo from the game untill the player catches all other 149 pokemon. This would make it more of a prize then ^^
Posted by John Ragland 23rd January, 2007

Neat graphics and all that, but TOS for something not even originally your creation? Too bad you couldn't focus that creative energy on something of your own design...

Posted by Airflow 23rd January, 2007

The title is good but the severe lack of "online" just sucks.
Posted by Hill Gigas 23rd January, 2007

It's a good effort, but I hope a lot more time is spent on balance issues. A player can just pick Mewtwo and other powerful pokemon and be unbeatable. A rich training system would make a world of difference. You also shouldn't be able to pick the evolved version of the pokemon from the start. You should only be able to pick from the unevolved.
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 23rd January, 2007

people this is only an alpha!!!!!

you can chose your pokemon just to test out the battle system!

if you want to battle another person be sure to stand next to them. invite by cliking right mouse button on them. accept by pressing yes once they invite.
Posted by Hill Gigas 23rd January, 2007

Doesn't "alpha" mean completely finished, thoroughly beta-tested, and ready for worldwide distribution?

Yeah ok. Well, my only worry is that this gets abandoned. It has a lot of potential. I hope the creators see it through!
Posted by skatekid 23rd January, 2007

I can't get it to work. Either MOO or IRC servers errors every time.
Posted by Fanotherpg 24th January, 2007

alpha is first playable version of game beta is finished version with bugs which are catched in beta tests and gamma vel final version is sold. And to game maybe some realistic differences for example fire on plant pokemon will hurt them very hard etc. and not some weird attack hypnosis give damage or lick my god.. Play some pokemons and check your system.. Ou and give that when player isn't responding for e.g. 2minutes some attack is automatic because some players cheat and when they're losing they don't do nothing and wait when you end game.
Posted by Hernan 24th January, 2007

Alpha is the version the creator makes for himself and tests himself. Beta is a public version that other people can try, whether it's finished or not. At least that's what I was told So basicly, I think this game should be called a 'beta' rather than an 'alpha'.

And @Haris: Will the background gfx changed in future versions? It would look better without the difference in resolution compared to the sprites. It would certainly boost its looks.
Posted by Kazuma 24th January, 2007

How about it just be called a demo?

Posted by 24th January, 2007

"Request times-out while attempting to connect"
Posted by axel 27th January, 2007

Alpha practically means it's sort of half-done and buggy, but still usable, more like a test. Beta is when it's almost done, and should be playable and relatively bug-free.

I saw that you've put all images in external files. I'm curious, are you still hard-coding all other data, such as attacks/items/stats? If I were you, I'd make it even more modular, and have all such data in external files as well. I'm talking INI or XML or something. Because hard-coding thousands of items and attacks for an MMORPG = death.

Plus, having all data in external files makes it easier to update, through simple SSDL downloads and such. And if you were worried about hacking, you could just md5 all data file contents, and compare hashes on startup.

Oh well. The project looks really ambitious. Good luck to you.
Posted by Kamukoira 28th January, 2007

Amazing work
Posted by MasterM 5th February, 2007

great graphics and presentation
now i just wish somebody was online

if you feel like playing this game against me PM me so we can be on at the same time
Posted by Haris Ahmed 8th February, 2007

We are currently in the process of purchasing a dedicated server for POL. It should be setup in a few days. This will ensure the server is up 24/7.

The tiles will be greatly enhanced for the release of the full version, to match the resolution of the player sprites.

The battle system in v0.6 is only for testing purposes. It's not even fully completed yet. We're still in the process of coding it, and we hope it will be fully functional for the release of v0.7.

For a deatiled outline of all the POL World concepts go to I think you will be impressed. This is all the concepts that we hope will be implemented into the full version of POL.

For the people who have been having problems accepting battles, you need to stand directly next to your opponent to be able to click "Yes".

Posted by Fredrik Ortmon 13th February, 2007

i cant wait until its done
Posted by pokemonbattleworld 29th March, 2008

If i try to download it it dosent work and sends my to a different link?





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