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Rolling Rocket
Author: Scallywags Studios Submitted: 14th April, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 88

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Fly your rocket through the stars! 24 randomly generated level courses, across 6 huge planets. Learn all the skills and tricks to tackle the various challenges. This is just a demo version of the game with the full version costing $7.99, about 3.99, but you still get to play a whole planet. Any constructive criticism to improve the game would be more than welcome. At its core its a ski slalom game with a rocket but don't let that put you off, it has a lot more to offer. If your not sure about downloading go to the web page and have a watch of the trailer to see if its your sort of game.

Updates*(18/04/07) - More time to complete levels, heart bug fixed, demonstration of level 1 avi. shown in help.

Alternate link with installer:-

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Posted by alex37 14th April, 2007

looks yummy
Posted by Aptennap 14th April, 2007

Those graphics rock!
Posted by Zethell 14th April, 2007

hmm.. is that an installer ?.. gah.. make me a rared download and i'll download it.. :/

Not saying you suck or that your game would, im just saying i hate installers for Click games.
Posted by Willy C 15th April, 2007

wow. Looks really cool. Like the original graphic style
Posted by DaVince 15th April, 2007

Whoa, that looks quite interesting! Downloading.

@LetoZeth: oh, quit yer yapping. Installers are only really annoying for OMG NOOB projects in my opinion. Ok ok opinion, but still, not wanting to play a cool-looking game because of its installerness is kinda stupid.
Posted by Tim 15th April, 2007

I love this kinda style of graphics. Simple and cartoony, and you've used a wider range of colours so it isn't confusing to see what's going on etc. too

Thumbs up
Posted by Fifth 15th April, 2007

Hm, it's a pretty decent game, and well-presented, but quite confusing to start. I was so lost the first time I played (I had no idea what anything that was going on meant, only that I was doing it all wrong). I've more gotten the hang of it now.
And while good flying is rewarded, bad flying is so severely punished! It's so disheartening to run into one of those star gates...

And I think I found a bug: I ran out of time and lost a life just as a heart was falling (it would have been my fourth, if it matters). I collected the heart as the "LIFE LOST" appeared, and the heart zoomed up to take its place... but didn't connect. It shot back and forth over the spot where it was going, but I never collected it. It vanished once the level ended.
Posted by axel 15th April, 2007


Installers are good for two things: They put everything in the right place, and they're easy to use. However, most klik games only require a DLL or two to be placed in the same folder as the game itself. I'm pretty sure the vast majority of the users on this site know how to do that themselves, which is why RAR or ZIP archives are ideal here on TDC.

Installers are for people who either don't know how to unpack a ZIP archive, or people who don't mind having their computers bloated with desktop icons to games that they will only play for ten or fifteen minutes, ever. I myself fall into neither of those two categories. Do you?

Generally, the best solution is to provide both an installer and a RAR/ZIP download. Until Mr Scallywags has done so, I really won't bother downloading.

<End of rant>
Posted by MasterM 15th April, 2007
Posted by Scallywags Studios 16th April, 2007

Thanks for all your positive comments, I raelly appreciate them. Fifth, I thought I'd got rid of that heart bug but it would appear not...I will get on it! That 4th heart would have gained you an extra life... Don't get to disheartened, you can still finish the level in time even if you hit 6 or 7 stars. A good tip is to boost through the gates as it will lessen your chances of hitting a star. Have a look at the trailer as I think it shows the most productive way of flying. With a bit of practice you won't have to worry too much about hitting them though and can concentrate on maximising the bonuses. I appreciate it could be confusing at first(any ideas on how I could negate this - do you think a little training mode or something?)I did try and include a demo .avi in the application which played on the title screen but I had trouble building in to the installer (internal error??). I will zip the .exe file and upload that as well.

Posted by Fifth 16th April, 2007

Well, you seem to start each stage at a disadvantage (time/% complete-wise), and you can only really catch up by flying perfectly (that is, a single hit gate partway through the level will condemn you to failure).

I think you can make it a bit less confusing to start by re-writing the help text a bit. Instead of giving a few instances of how to maximize a few of the occurring bonuses (like the balloon and the meteor, for which the player has NO sense of context at that time), say something like "Through flying well, various chances for extra bonuses will arise. They may require different methods to get the most out of them, so keep trying until you find the best way to deal with each situation. But remember: the star gates will always be the most important."
...Or something like that. Just to prepare the player for the fact that a lot of random stuff will be happenning, and to not be discouraged if it feels like he's doing it all wrong.
Posted by DaVince 17th April, 2007

The hotspot of the rocket seems to be at a weird position, because turning the rocket makes it turn a bit weird. Dunno how to explain it.

The game was nice, but became boring pretty quickly.
Posted by Del Duio 17th April, 2007

Riding on the rocket- communication,
Hello! Hello!

(Thanks be to Shonen Knife)
Posted by Scallywags Studios 17th April, 2007

Fifth, I've updated help and borrowed a few of your phrases as well as included a little animation to aid. The heart bug should be fixed now too. I've also given the player a little more time to complete the level. DaVince- the rocket pivots at its centre but shoots out its effects at the back - i dont know if that makes any difference? I couldn't find anything else that may effect it. I can't say I notice but I've played the game so much I probably wouldn't know. I guarantee you wont be bored if you buy the full version I think I'm going to release the demo with the start of the next planet to show that the gameplay develops somewhat. I'll set that up tomorrow.
Posted by Reno 18th April, 2007

The cartoon graphics look fun

like yoshis island
Posted by waffleton 20th April, 2007

Posted by Billy 23rd May, 2007

slow download. I have RR.





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