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Fairies v1.0
Author: Scallywags Studios Submitted: 20th April, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Bat And Ball Downloads: 124
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Edited By Scallywags Studios on 4/21/2007

Edited By Rikus on 4/20/2007

Fairies is basically multiplayer pong with power ups. Unfortunately there is no 1 player option. There are 4 fairies to choose from each with their own unique set of power ups. Each fairy also has the ability to manipulate the puk with various skills which need to be mastered (curl, power, aim etc...) I hope you enjoy it.

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 (16.1 mkb )

Posted by Ganymede Graphics 20th April, 2007

I can see why people don't like installers cause this one dosn't even work for me, it freezes after installing the un-installer
Posted by Zethell 20th April, 2007

I don't get installers, but i guess it makes the auther feel more.. "real".

I take atleast one look on all the games on this site, and when i finally see something that might be worth testing its an Installer.. soo fuckit..

Give me a sepperate download packed with *.Rar or *.Zip .
Posted by Zethell 20th April, 2007

Wooo!! Zipped, i finnished reading the link, tought it was a homepage, i'll give you a comment and rating later then.
Posted by Zethell 20th April, 2007

First of all, Sorry for tripple post -_-;

Soo.. from 1/10
Graphics: 7/10 - Some things looked great, some didnt.
Sound: 8/10 - Nice sound effects keeping the game alive.
Music: 3/10 - More annoying than simply being ok.
Gameplay: 7/10 - It was fun to play, but got realy boring realy fast.

I would change the music to something that dosnt give the player a headache and make smoother graphics.

And when i read Multiplayer i got alittle excited because i tought you meant, ofcourse, online multiplayer, i was sad to see that i was totaly wrong.

2p Hotseat isn't multiplayer, my opinion.

Other than that, great work.. you got my Thumbs up atleast.
Posted by Chaoz (Tri-Life Gaming) 24th April, 2007

fairies? i've never seen it spelt like that
The game is quite nice, a quite original concept
Posted by alex37 28th April, 2007

How else can you possibly spell fairies?
Posted by -Liam- 29th April, 2007

I beleive that in The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past, it was spelt "Faerie".
Posted by alex37 29th April, 2007

Ah, ye olde english I'm guessing?
Posted by danjo 29th April, 2007

both are correct
Posted by DaVince 30th April, 2007

Duh, even I know that.





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