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Author: Sylvain Savard Submitted: 19th April, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 283

Edited By Sylvain Savard on 4/20/2007

This is the demo of Evolutions.

Its a game i started a Long time ago and never finished. i can assure you that it will be though..eventually. Im uploading this "the old demo" for fun.

You control a microscopic creature and try to evolve to human kind.Remember Evo on the snes? A big inspiration came from that when i started it. Now that spore is looks like a ripoff..but i dont care, im going to finish this project anyway hehe.

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Posted by DaVince 20th April, 2007

No files shared.
Posted by Sylvain Savard 20th April, 2007

The file is up and running now sorry for the earlier file problem !
Posted by Fragasnap 20th April, 2007

I believe the game would be a little more fun (and hard to program) if you could make choices in your evolution, even if it was just: evolve into this or evolve into this, it would still feel a little more player influenced.

But this definitely doesn't feel like E.V.O.: The Search for Eden (I've beaten it just recently ), and I don't think it feels like Spore either, I think it's its own fun game, definitely worth continuing!
Posted by Sylvain Savard 23rd April, 2007

good idea! Its true that making choices adds to the gameplay value..It wouldnt necessarily harden the programming,but it would simply make the game longer to create.

it is a good idea, and if it could radically change the experience, ill add it indeed. thanks
Posted by DaVince 24th April, 2007

Pretty good, too bad it's so short.

Great pixel art btw.
Posted by Sylvain Savard 24th April, 2007

thank you very much for your comment! after i finish my current project "currently called" (Welcome to paradox) a new side scrolling platformer.. Evolutions will be my next goal!
Posted by MBK 7th June, 2007

Good game, but it would be more fun if you had made it use the mouse. I didn't go very far, as it crashed for some reason, maybe you added mouse control later on ?





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