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Welcome to paradox - Demo
Author: Sylvain Savard Submitted: 18th May, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 241

Edited By Sylvain Savard on 5/29/2007

This is a demo of the game i am currently working on (Welcome to Paradox).

Story : A guy goes to vacation to a place called : "Welcome to Paradise" and falls asleep in his his dream somewhere, he gets caught in a portal that leads to another dimension and wakes up in it.He realises he cant wake up because hes there for real, and then decides he must defeat the evil master mind of that dimension, and find a way to get back to his dream to eventually be able to wake up and return to his normal life.

the music in this game is being made by : Johan Hargne

special thanks to him

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Posted by Knudde (Shab) 18th May, 2007

Lovin' the funky art style.
Posted by Zethell 18th May, 2007

Very.. green? o_O;
Posted by Zethell 18th May, 2007

Cool graphics, but needs more detail, like.. plants in diffrent colours and stuff.. add more wood to it, not just greens.

Purple flowers go well in jungle, anyways! pretty cool, and well made engine.

(thumbs up)

Ohh! and you need sound effects man
Posted by Ski 18th May, 2007

YAY! You released a demo! really nicely animated
Posted by Aptennap 19th May, 2007

Posted by Aptennap 19th May, 2007

How do you get past the big rock?
Posted by Zethell 19th May, 2007

Use a charged attack on it.
Posted by The Chris Street 19th May, 2007

Reminds me a bit of Eternal Daughters forest area.
Posted by Ski 19th May, 2007

omg yes he used green
Posted by Sylvain Savard 19th May, 2007

hehe! thanks for your comments ! keep them coming!

and adding diffrent plants and flowers is a great idea indeed! i will be adding that when the game is finished, i am concentrating on finishing the overall levels first. The finishing touches comes in the end. i will keep the purple flowers and more wood idea in mind lol. This is just the first level, there is a mountain level made but im keeping that out of the demo for now.

I am definitively going to add some sound effects when im done with the levels.

i will be releasing a demo of the paradox levels later.

any other suggestions? they are welcome!

Posted by bhlaab 21st May, 2007

a couple things. I reconfigured the controls but climbing was still ctrl no matter what

some things such as the monkeys coconuts overlapps the black status bar

the later part of the level slowed down quite a bit for me and I'm running a 2.8 ghz
Posted by -Liam- 21st May, 2007

Very Good's Tuff!!
Posted by Hill Gigas 21st May, 2007

Hey the game looks GREAT! I love the style! Im going to download it and give it a try!
Posted by Sylvain Savard 22nd May, 2007


- It was helpful, the coconut that overlaps the black menu will be fixed.

- how did you configure the controls? i didnt really make the game with control changes in mind.So if the climbing stays ctrl, well its because i coded it like that.

- if it slows down, it may be caused by the number of active objects appearing on the screen.i will try to fix that.

thanks ! keep the comments and suggestions coming! its really helpful.

Slink,Shroomlock thanks
Posted by sean cameron 24th May, 2007

Could the resolution have something to do with the slowdown? I've heard higher resolutions run slowly in click games with complicated engines.
On that note, i think a fullscreen option would be neato.
Sweet engine! Feels so jungly
Love the bird idea.
Also the shuffly grass at his feet is a nice touch.
Will there be any other jungle-type weapons?
Posted by Liquixcat 24th May, 2007

I recall this
Posted by DaVince 24th May, 2007

"- how did you configure the controls? i didnt really make the game with control changes in mind.So if the climbing stays ctrl, well its because i coded it like that."

Well, at least use the "certain button number pressed", that makes the game work for different keysettings, gamepads etcetera.

Still gotta try this. Later, though.
Posted by alexandre szybiak 24th May, 2007

The coconut throwing monkeys are pretty frustrating, maybe if we could crouch...
And the graphics, though pretty well detailed, are too unicolor for my tastes ( if unicolor is a word ).
The animation is splendid keep.
And by the way, is it really necessary to have FIVE levels of concentration for firing ? unless you plan it to be a big part of the game design ( the rocks with color symbols ).
Posted by Ski 24th May, 2007

the monkeys are really easy, just fire like crazy at them.
Posted by Sylvain Savard 24th May, 2007

okay , well i will add a crouch because of your comment Alexandre szybiak.Its true that crouchless movement is kinda frustrating.

for the 5 charges, i thought i would add lots of things to use them. Like a diffrent colored parts boss for example (thanks Adam) and puzzles that requires to use them.

Sean cameron : there will be other weapons than the slingshot later in the game, but not jungle themed ones. More futuristic ones. (you dont stay in the jungle all the time)

the color aspect of the game came back a lot from your comments,the color is a lot greenish.. in the final game, i will add a lot of variety in the colors.
Posted by alexandre szybiak 25th May, 2007

great, the boss idea looks cool
Posted by Sylvain Savard 25th May, 2007

well jon, yeah i think youve seen a prototype
Posted by Attan 27th May, 2007

Nice! I really liked the "unicolored" graphics, but i think you should ad a few more frames to the animations. Not that they are bad, but since the rest of the game is such high class they need to keep the same standard Overall, i loved this game!
Posted by Attan 27th May, 2007

Oh.. forgot to ask, Is the game named welcome to PARADOX or welcome to PARADISE?
Posted by Squirrelhair 29th May, 2007

this game roks my soks!
Posted by Sylvain Savard 29th May, 2007

lol its Welcome to Paradox

The main character goes to vacation on the island called : Welcome To paradise. The story starts when he falls asleep and finds himself trapped in another dimensiom located in his dream. So i called the game welcome to paradox





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