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NovaWare: Clicked
Author: viva/volt Submitted: 21st April, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 349
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Edited By viva/volt on 7/31/2010


This game is inspired by 'Wario-Ware Touched' for the Nintendo DS. The touching is replaced by the mouse. The game can be played entirely with the mouse (except for entering your name in the online hi-score box). The concept is that you are given a brief instruction at the start of each mini-game, you must carry this out before the timer ends. You have 6 lives for if you lose, so there's a bit of breathing room. The games get harder as you progress, increasing in hardness or decreasing in time allowed. See how far you can get before losing all of your lives!

This game was/is a joint project between Jake and I.




I/We don't mind criticism but not A. Pointless badmouthing or B. This is a Wario-Ware rip-off, it's MEANT to be like Wario-Ware.

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Posted by Tim 21st April, 2007
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High Scores can be viewed at

Posted by viva/volt 21st April, 2007
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After reading Flava's review on clickzine I fixed the bugs mentioned . Damn global counter!
Posted by Del Duio 21st April, 2007

This crap game is a WarioWare ripoff!!

There, that covers points A & B
Looks cool, I'll d/l later when I can.
Posted by kankki 21st April, 2007

The game did something strange to me once, I picked the falling dog game from free play and after I completed 2 rounds it started raising my score automatically When the mini game would have showed up, it skipped that and game me a score instead
Posted by Ted Boomerang 21st April, 2007

I can't belive I actully fell for the don't click scheme. This is a well made game with a surprising ammount of games, especially for only 2 megs
Posted by LIJI 21st April, 2007

Really nice game, fun and original.
Posted by Johnny Look 22nd April, 2007

Really nice game !
Posted by Joshua M. 22nd April, 2007

Aah, that 'make a burger' minigame reminds me of my 'make a burger' minigame I made so long ago for Mind Menace. But my minigame was too hard, I think. Lemme check if I can find it somewhere...

Oh, nice game by the way haha.
Posted by Noyb 22nd April, 2007

A couple of times, it went to the next level without loading a minigame, one instant win and (annoyingly) one instant loss. Also, it seems like the countdown timer could be featured a lot more prominantly than a thin black/white bar in the top-right corner. Same with the tiny "drag" icons. What I played was fun. The level about dragging the green spell to a target seemed to have a significantly short time limit, however.
Posted by Noyb 22nd April, 2007

Also, the rhythm gamer in me kept wanting to click in time with the pounding bass beat of the background song. It got annoying, especially on the long zit minigame.
Posted by vrba79 22nd April, 2007

Dude this is GREAT!
Posted by viva/volt 23rd April, 2007
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@kankki: Yeah thanks for telling me that, I wasn't sure which game was causing it, I'll fix it A.S.A.P.
@Noyb: That bug is being worked out, thanks for the suggestions about counters and arrows . The spell level doesn't have a time limit :\...
Posted by viva/volt 23rd April, 2007
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Oh also thanks everyone
Posted by Jake G 23rd April, 2007

Thanks Guys!
Posted by DaVince 23rd April, 2007

Joshua: I still have your burger game, I believe.

Posted by Joshua M. 23rd April, 2007

DaVince: Ooh, could you send it some time? I think I lost it
Posted by DaVince 24th April, 2007

Sure, when I'm on my other PC.

Thumbs up for this game!
Posted by ~Zigzag~ 24th April, 2007

Great Game. BUT! You need the arrow keys as well!
For the Jatzey Skiing Minigame!
Posted by viva/volt 24th April, 2007
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No... That uses left and right mouse buttons _
Posted by Tim 25th April, 2007
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EVERYONE gets that wrong... literally. They see the skiing game and their hands shoot over to the keyboard, it's like, "what are you doing!?"

To be honest that happened with me first time too haha.. perhaps make it more clear later that its the mouse you need?
Posted by Kazuma 25th April, 2007

A few of these games were fun, and the others were alright. I hated that pimple one for some reason, though.

I found myself strangely addicted to this game, at least until I had beaten every game, which didn't take long. Yay!
Posted by Jake G 27th April, 2007

Ricky and Tim, u guys only thort about using the arrow keys because thats what it is in JRPG, others havent played the JRPG version yet...
Posted by ~Zigzag~ 28th April, 2007

The arrow keys work though!
Posted by Jake G 29th April, 2007

oops, heheh
Posted by Jake G 30th April, 2007

thats what i get for copying that minigame directly from jatzey rpg
Posted by Ricky 30th April, 2007
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Noo, Bandwith overload thing,all your game,screenshots are gone, gues i'll have to download it after everything is fixed
Posted by Tim 1st May, 2007
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All fixed
Posted by Ricky 1st May, 2007
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WoW. Very fun game, good music, good graphics, great game play, thumbs up
Posted by viva/volt 4th May, 2007
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Posted by Cazra 6th May, 2007

how do you do the find the bugs game?
Posted by Ricky 8th May, 2007
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just click the lighter parts of the tree

Posted by viva/volt 13th May, 2007
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Wow and I thought no-one would get that
Posted by Jake G 6th August, 2007

u thort wrong
Posted by Jake G 28th August, 2007

hey everyone who is looking at this, should we make a sequel with new games (for keyboard too)?
Posted by viva/volt 26th October, 2007
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No-body is looking at this -_-
Posted by Ricky 26th October, 2007
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Posted by Ricky 26th October, 2007
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Posted by viva/volt 27th October, 2007
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Posted by viva/volt 8th November, 2007
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Posted by Tim 9th November, 2007
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Posted by Ricky 17th November, 2007
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Posted by Jake G 22nd November, 2007

Posted by Jake G 22nd November, 2007






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