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DocuScope 2007
Author: LaraSoft Software Submitted: 1st May, 2007 Favourites:0
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DocuScope 2007
Scan License Agreements for suspect words and phrases

Every day, millions of computer users around the world install software and the vast majority of these installers come bundled with an End User License Agreement; those long documents of text that you're required to read and agree to before being allowed to install your program.

Well its an unfortunate fact that a lot of people skip right past these documents, without giving a care in the world as to whats contained inside them. Do you have any idea what you're agreeing to? By clicking 'I Agree' so quickly there, you might have just given your consent to have spyware installed on your PC, malware added to your computer, toolbars integrated into your web browser and so much more!

Introducing LaraSoft DocuScope 2007! A revolutionary new product that aims to help everyday users by scanning the License Agreements automatically within seconds - and then picking out anything important or suspect which is worth taking a look at. By simply running DocuScope 2007, pasting the License Agreement into the Scan window and clicking Scan you could find out exactly what's in that document before you click that I Agree button.

Every scan is carried out quickly and the results are delivered on screen in a clear and concise manner. You can use DocuScope 2007's Definition Database to learn more about phrases and words found in the Agreement, you can save Scan Histories, investigate the license agreement and have DocuScope flag up everything found in bold red.

DocuScope 2007 also comes with LaraSoft Update; LaraSoft's very own Update software. In moments, you can have the latest updates and definitions installed all ready to go absolutely free!

Feature List

+ Scan License Agreements quick and easily
+ Everything found is displayed at the end in a clear and concise manner
+ The terms and phrases found are given a colour coded rating to help portray their importance.
+ Use the Details tab on the Scan Results screen to learn more about phrases and terms found
+ Use the Investigate tab to have all the found terms and phrases highlighted in bold red - This allows you to quickly see exactly what DocuScope 2007 found and where!
+ Save Scan Histories with a DocuScope 2007 Professional license
+ View Advanced Statistics; see how many scans you have carried out and how many terms and phrases you've detected since installation
+ Use the Notification Manager to get all the latest news and update information direct from LaraSoft Software
+ LaraSoft Update delivers the very latest updates and Definition Databases right to your computer - with everything automatically installed for you.

... and more =

Please understand this however; DocuScope 2007 is a FREE APPLICATION; however for anyone wanting to use it in a commercial or business environment then they must purchase a DocuScope 2007 Professional license (5). This also gives Automatic Update Checking AND access to the Scan History system.

DocuScope 2007 is a completely FREE application with ZERO pop-ups asking you to buy. You only upgrade if you want to.

Free Professional License to all The Daily Click members (Worth 5)

I created DocuScope 2007 entirely inside Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer and I've also been a TDC member for a good while. I'd like to give a little something back to the community in the way of a free DocuScope 2007 Professional License for everyone.

Simply email sean AT (replacing AT with @) providing your First and Last name, Email Address and TDC username and call the email 'TDC Professional License Offer'
I will generate your license and have it sent to your TDC PM Inbox as soon as I can.

(Offer expires 1st August 2007)


I hope you all enjoy DocuScope 2007 and help me improve it by leaving feedback; both good and bad (if any) helps me on my next attempt. If I may say this, our support forum ( is online right now and is where you can get support around the clock for this and other applications by me.

I understand that the vast majority of projects uploaded here are games and I suspect many of you want to see games posted. As you can see, this is an application but I hope you do not hold any prejudice against DocuScope 2007 simply for this. When voting thumbs up/down or writing reviews or comments please take that into consideration. Additionally, please don't flame my project simply becuase I have taken a small commercial route with this. DocuScope 2007 IS a free application; it's just for those wanting to use it in a business I am asking for a small sum of money to help fund development. (If any of you remember Notes2Go, which I also wrote, many suggested I sold that.. but of course I kept it free =

Thank you again and please enjoy!

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Posted by Willy C 2nd May, 2007

Nice idea, slick design. But how does it work? Are all the user agreements really that consistent that it's possible to map them out?
Posted by Elegios 2nd May, 2007

Nice application! Add a previous and next button when you're in the investigate tab so you can jump between the found words. and not having to scroll.
Posted by Johnny Look 2nd May, 2007

Nice app, but there's no point on asking money for a commercial version just because of a few features and the possibility of using for commercial use (if there is any).
Even for 5.
Posted by Willy C 2nd May, 2007

Suppose it would act more as a "donation" feature with benefits!
Posted by LaraSoft Software 2nd May, 2007

Thanks for the kind feedback guys

@ Willy Wanker: You put it quite nicely, yeah. DocuScope was always developed as freeware in mind but recouperating a few pounds through some Professional licenses means people can get something in return for supporting the program

@ xx: Nice idea. I'll look into implimenting that for future releases.

@ Jonny Look: As I said in my response to Willy Wanker, I my aim with DocuScope 2007 was not to make money. Aim just for that and you'll always fail.

BTW: If you guys have read my product description, you'll see I'm offering you all free Professional licenses should you want them Go take a look.

Posted by Joshua M. 2nd May, 2007

Interesting program, but how is this one different from or better than Eulalyzer?
Posted by LaraSoft Software 2nd May, 2007

The product I have created works in different ways than the one you link to, Joshua M. The principles the same, but I'd argue that the way I offer results is more detailed and intuitive than what's offered by JavaCool. At the end of the day there's space for more than one product on any given market; look at anti-virus software, word processing software, image editing suites. More choice is better for the consumer. I am simply placing my own spin on things and crafted DocuScope 2007 into an application that I believe holds a lot of value and will be useful to many people. I hope that stands true for you too.
Posted by axel 3rd May, 2007

Looks very professional and I love the design, but it seems pretty useless to me. I just can't see myself pulling up this app every time I want to install something.
Posted by chrilley 3rd May, 2007

Man, it looks very professional. But like the above poster I won't have much use for this. But I'm sure someone else will. Nice.
Posted by Tim 3rd May, 2007

Exactly, just because there's other products like this doesn't mean you should scrap the idea. I mean, where would Google be if that were the case? They weren't the first on the "web searching" market by any means

Anyway, having defended you LaraSoft, I'm in the same boat as axel on this one - in that I wouldn't have any need nor purpose for this software, and I think that you should perhaps aim your products at a wider market in order to gain more success.

There's no fault in the program as a whole, but the amount of people that want to search through license agreements are minute if not practically non-existant

I look forward to see what other ideas you have in-store product-wise no doubt. Oh, and I thought I'd pick you up on your spelling of *implementing too, considering the concept of your submission

Thumbs up anyway, its nicely put together.
Posted by Reno 3rd May, 2007

good idea yet not 'life implantable'. I wouldn't use ths ever.
Posted by thewreck 4th May, 2007

rename it to


and you got yourself one helluva program!






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