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Author: LaraSoft Software Submitted: 23rd March, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 68

Presenting Notes2Go, LaraSoft's debut product. A simple to use, lightweight and secure document encryption program.

* Rich Text Support Document Editor
* Password Verification
* Multiple document format support
* Theme System
* Signature Manager and Signature System
* Integrated Update system
* Optional System Tray Icon

Secure Your Data
Imagine if you could send your documents all over the globe and not have to worry about your information getting into the wrong hands. With LaraSoft Notes2Go, that dream can finally become a reality. Bringing true software innovation to everyday life, Notes2Go is absolutely ideal for anyone who has an important file to send.

Protect Your Business, Protect Yourself
In this day and age, information is key to running a successful business. Every single day, thousands upon thousands of files are being transmitted all over the internet containing secret company information; Sales figures, future development plans, passwords and so much more.

Can you imagine what would happen if someone outside of your organisation got their hands on this kind of data? With Notes2Go you won't have to! Our simple to use, yet flexible document encryption system ensures you can get your data where it's needed and focus on the more important things.

But Notes2Go isn't just for businesses. With its friendly, colourful interface and simple controls it can be used in the home too. Do you have trouble remembering passwords? No problem! Just make a list of all your passwords and save them in a Notes2Go protected file.

Small File Size, Large Benefits
Every single file encrypted with Notes2Go stays the same size. Unlike other document encryption programs, Notes2Go doesn't make your file any larger meaning its perfect for use in any situation - even on free web mail systems that have small attachment limits

PS: Please let me know how Notes2Go is doing by either leaving me a comment here or drop a line on the LaraSoft forum:

I'm also available directly through Live Help on my website if you require any assistance. Thank you for viewing.

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Posted by LaraSoft Software 23rd March, 2006

23rd March - Just like I promised. I hope you all enjoy Notes2Go
Posted by Reno 23rd March, 2006

This looks very professional. I will use this lots to send stuff to my friends
Posted by Dalal 23rd March, 2006

I love professional programs!
Posted by 23rd March, 2006

Look's nice..
Posted by Jason Orme 23rd March, 2006

Very nice.
Posted by alastair john jack 23rd March, 2006

well done
Posted by LaraSoft Software 23rd March, 2006

Thank you all. If you wouldn't mind rating it please Much appreciated
Posted by Jenswa 23rd March, 2006

This looks pretty decent.
Posted by Dalal 23rd March, 2006

Hey Larasoft, if you go to the Themes Manager, there's a little list that lists all the different themes. On the left side of the theme name, there's a little icon. How did you get pictures in your list or combo box or whatever it was? Are they actually sitting IN the list or did you add the objects on the side of the list? Or did you create your own list engine thing? Or did you use some extension? Which extension?

Posted by Simon Colmer 23rd March, 2006

Woooh, this rocks man! Good work!
Posted by LaraSoft Software 23rd March, 2006

@ Dalal - I simply used the Tree extension in Multimedia Fusion and edited the icons

@ everyone else - Thank you for all the kind comments. Please enjoy Notes2Go
Posted by 23rd March, 2006

I rated thumbs up!! This should be out in BestBuy or any computer store! This is worth 10$. Nice job!
Posted by Keatontech! 23rd March, 2006

Posted by Keatontech! 23rd March, 2006

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DGo PB/{85.Ϗza^`*(agXG

Put it in an RTF document and unencrypt it, the password is "secret"
Posted by MasterM 24th March, 2006

very good and professional graphics
overall the whole program looks professional
I am always happy to see programs made in MMF. Its a multimedia authoring tool and this is how it should be seen despite the fact most people use it for making games. Its not a game making tool- its ONE of the things you can do with it but there is so much more and this is how Clickteam should try to get new customers.
So its cool to see a good looking program like this one. I am going to download it to see if it is also coded well but I am sure it is.
I also like your Windows Avatar. I am just sick of people having Apple Avatars.

Posted by 24th March, 2006

MasterM,your Avatar scare's me.
Posted by Dalal 24th March, 2006

Lol, Brandon have you seen the video for that. It seems Dubya wanted to do that for a long time...

Thanks Larasoft, and yeah ... you should make this Shareware. Like Brandon said, you could sell it for 10 bucks.
Posted by 24th March, 2006

I reamber seeing it on MTV at Webjunk...
But it still scare's me as I scroll up and down trying to dodge he's middle finger...
Posted by axel 25th March, 2006

Phart, this app is undoubtedly very well made, proffessional looking, and useful, but please stop giving out 10/10 reviews a la "OMG THIS IS THE BEST KLIK GAME EVAR!!!!" all the time. Try to be at least a little critisizing.
Posted by Mr. Esch 25th March, 2006

I found a bug - if your password to encrypt the file with was HAR, you could decrypt it with HARHARHAR
Posted by Liquixcat 25th March, 2006

It reminds me a lot of Linux. If you decide to sell it then you should probably check out the royalties of the extensions you are using.
Posted by LaraSoft Software 25th March, 2006

I enjoy freeware. I plan to keep Notes2Go 1.x completely free
Posted by BeamSplashX 26th March, 2006

Odd, someone releases an app and everyone but the author wants to make it shareware, yet when KNPMaster wants to make Cave Jumper shareware everyone else says no.

I guess this means you've made a big achievement...
Posted by Mr. Esch 27th March, 2006

did anyone listen to my bug post 0_o
Posted by LaraSoft Software 27th March, 2006

I read what you had to say and I agree that this is an issue; However it doesn't compromise document security as to make this vulnerability function you must know the password in its entirety. Making it work by typing it twice doesnt make it any less secure -In fact more so. If you typed it twice and got one character wrong there are more letters; therefore more possible combinations. Notes2Go is a strong product I believe and of course I thank you for bringing this to my attention; but this does not warrant a security vulnerability.
Posted by Mr. Esch 14th April, 2006

It does pose a threat though, the length in this case is irrelevant as long as the first characters match.

Password = grump - correct
password tried = grumpxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - correct

If someone wanted to brute force attack the password you are cutting down potentially thousands of searches just by performing a cyclic brute force attack with a length of 8 characters long because you know that the 1 character, 2 character, 3 character, 4 character ... etc up to 8 character passwords will be included in just the 8 character brute force attack. This would make it much more easier to crack passwords which therefore poses a security threat and it should be fixed.
Posted by LaraSoft Software 19th April, 2006

I understand your concern and your point has been noted. For my next release I intend to address this; thank you.






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