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Future Pong
Author: savvy001 Submitted: 26th May, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Bat And Ball Downloads: 92

Edited By savvy001 on 6/2/2007

Hi This is Future Pong
A combination of Pong and Air Hockey

There are 2 game mode´s

1 player game vs Cpu (future Pong)
Controled by Mouse

2 player game (future Air hockey)
Controls player 1 left,right,up,down,
player 2 w,a.s,d,

The Player who score's 15 points wins the game.

When playing (pong) the ball keeps moving and speeding up over time.

When playing (air hockey) the ball slows down and only hitting the bal with speed keeps the bal moving.

Im stil adding updatate´s to the game but its fully playable already so have fun.

Review This Download pong.exe (2.24 mkb )

Posted by The Chris Street 26th May, 2007

Download doesn't work, and the description isn't particularly good either.

Please fix both or this won't be accepted.
Posted by ModernGameCreations 26th May, 2007

this looks good im looking foward to it, fix that download link!!
Posted by Kai Proton 27th May, 2007

This is a Nice game,
its plays like the Wii version I was playing a couple of weeks ago.
Posted by Fanotherpg 27th May, 2007

Ou next Cyber Guy Game I see that not only I like such games
Posted by ben mercer 3rd June, 2007

The gameplay is really screwy; the ball often goes through the puck or jitters about randomly when you hit it.

Should really sort an issue like that before you release it, surely you can see that it is badly wrong.
Posted by savvy001 3rd June, 2007

i totaly agre with you on that, i learn as i go. thanx
Posted by DaVince 20th June, 2007

Posted by fucop 2nd July, 2007

Heard this was good, Obviously that nigger lied.

For that, he's going to get bent over.
Posted by Ricky 7th July, 2007

Good but, how do i close the game without using ctrl alt delete?
Posted by Silveraura 8th July, 2007

Alt+F4? Or hell, you could always try the X in the top right corner.

I haven't tried the game out yet, I'm just joking.
Posted by Ricky 9th July, 2007

the game take over your mouse so the x won't work
Posted by Billybobjoe198 16th July, 2007

The AI is pretty bad, What did you do? And sadly, It is very easy to get the ball stuck in you.





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