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Side Burner
Author: savvy001 Submitted: 30th May, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 45

Side Burner a (Afterburner style game)

You are the pilot of an (earth-space) yetplane
your goal is to reach space station bq-1
from there refuel and head on to planet venus to continue the search for new fuel and alien technology.

Controls keyboard
enter with direction. for (jet roll)
shift while lock on. fire (rocket)
ctrl shoot yet mini gun.

controls analog joypad
button 1 while lock on. fire (rocket)
button 2 shoot yet mini gun.
button 4 with direction. for (jet roll)

pilot prepare for your first mission

Next mission = comming soon

Review This Download burner.exe (12 mb )

Posted by Knudde (Shab) 30th May, 2007

A much better attempt than what I was expecting; though some of the enemy planes seem nearly invincible. A lack of animation on the players jet doesn't help much; but still this is quite a bit of fun for a few minutes, and you've done a good job capturing the "chase" perspective.
Posted by savvy001 30th May, 2007

thanx! knudde
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 30th May, 2007

Your title makes me think of Elvis though, Sideburns and all.
Posted by Sketchy 31st May, 2007

i know that jet - it's from "topgun:fire at will" isn't it? anyways, impressive looking game, though my computer's too slow to handle it really. should definitely reverse the up/down controls like in other flying games. i too was expecting something more...sideburn related (this is probably more fun though).
Posted by DaVince 31st May, 2007

Whoa. This looks good. I need to try this out.
Posted by savvy001 31st May, 2007

from sketchy: it's from "topgun:fire at will" isn't it?

dont know but its a f14 tomcat, i like the twin tail.

i totaly forgot the up/down control reverse,
but i'l put it up as a choice in the main menu.
so thanx!

Posted by savvy001 31st May, 2007

ive updated the download

fix 1 controls up/down invert option
fix 2 player-misile / enemy-plane colission

thnx 2 sketchy and knudde

Posted by Zethell 31st May, 2007

wow.. a yetplane.. what the hell is a yetplane anyway.. yet to be a plane.
Posted by savvy001 1st June, 2007

a yet-engine-airplane-.....
Posted by Muse 16th June, 2007

it doesn't have an engine yet?





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