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Fret Nice
Author: Mårten Submitted: 7th June, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 176
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Edited By Mårten on 6/21/2007

Edited By Mårten on 6/21/2007

The conventions of the 2D platform game are being challenged by ROCK’N ROLL!

Fret Nice is a game that takes one of the oldest and most beloved genres of videogames and spices it up by
adding the guitar controller from the Guitar Hero™ games. This addition gives the player the unique feeling of
not only controlling the main character’s every movement, jumping on platforms and springboards and climbing
ladders, but actually playing the game as if it was a rock song:

Chew down some wicked power chords to move!
Strike a pose using the controller’s tilt sensor to jump!

The unorthodox but intuitive control style gives a more physically engaging experience but also gives room
for the player’s creative side. Fret Nice is not really a music game in the sense that it does not depend on the
player’s understandment of rhythm and musical harmony or ability to read notes. However, the ”Riff Combo”
system gives the player the opportunity to lay on some sweet sounding licks to the game’s soundtrack and at the
same time dispatch of any enemies appearing in the game.

Check out for a trailer.

Note that the game can only be played with a guitar controller from the Guitar Hero games for either Xbox360 or Playstation 2.

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 (27mb )

Posted by The Chris Street 7th June, 2007

I dont think that loads of people have Guitar Hero... I know I don't... so I think your audience is going to be somewhat limited.
Posted by alexandre szybiak 7th June, 2007

It looks great.......
Too bad i'll never know if it IS great......
Posted by lembi2001 7th June, 2007

I have both guitar hero games and this game is fantastic!! It was a bit awkward to get setup but it works brilliantly. Next entry for GOTW!!
Posted by blanco 7th June, 2007

play Free Bird!
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 7th June, 2007

Any self respecting gamer should own Guitar Hero, it's the second-most fun you can have with your fingers.
Posted by Pixelthief 7th June, 2007

Makes me wish I had GH. Not quite enough to make me wish I had a 360 or PS2, though
Posted by Aptennap 8th June, 2007

It looks really cool, but i don't have GH controller , if they bring out GH for the Wii then i can play it.
Posted by axel 8th June, 2007

Ohh, I saw this on TIGSource! Is this made in MMF2? I know Podunkian made an extension to communicate with the GH controller via USB or whatever. I wish I had one though, because this looks totally awesome
Posted by »xerus 8th June, 2007

Wait, this was made in MMF2? Whoa.
Posted by -Liam- 8th June, 2007

Woah! Just look at those backgrounds! Fantasic! Well done indeed!
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 8th June, 2007

This game's great I love it. It's nice after playing all the Guitar Hero 1 & 2 songs to death to find another use for my guitar controller before GH3 and the other GH spinoff games.
Posted by Mårten 9th June, 2007

It's using z33z joypad object. The guitar controllers sends the same messages as ordinary controllers.
Posted by ben mercer 9th June, 2007

I have a real guitar, I don't suppose thats compatible though.

You should make an optional keyboard control setup.
Posted by Jason Orme 9th June, 2007

Very nice idea, more MMF games should use the 360 controller.
Posted by Neuro 9th June, 2007

This looks really good! Shame I don't have the Guitar Hero controller, though
Posted by Sephirenn 9th June, 2007

I'm guessing you need an adaptor to make a PS2 or 360 controller able to even connect to your computer?
Posted by Hempuli 9th June, 2007

We need a version controllable with keyboard!
Posted by 9th June, 2007

'if they bring out GH for the Wii then i can play it.'
Yeah, 2008, GH3.


Must download this game tomorrow, sounds cute.
Posted by 10th June, 2007

This doesn't work, when I try to set up it just acts like I'm madly mashing the guitar.

-- Oh, from some hardware setup menus it looks like my guitar thinks I'm constantly holding the left on the virtual d-pad. Is there some way to set up manually?

--- Ah, opened the hardware properties thing and edited the config file to match what buttons were lighting up when I did stuff.

---- Argh, up/down still won't work. This is quite irritating.

++++++++ Oh, haha, it just suddenly started working. Weird. Nice game.
Posted by 10th June, 2007

I am very cool and I play Guitar Hero, the two things must be related somehow.

That minecart thingy was awesome, very fun. I probably looked like a mental doing it, wearing headphones and giggling, though.
Posted by Mårten 11th June, 2007

@Phixxy -> What setup are you using? If PS2 What's the brand of the adapter?
Posted by 11th June, 2007

Some Joytech adapter.

You could add something that disables button 16 if it's not working.
Posted by Phredreeke 11th June, 2007

-- Oh, from some hardware setup menus it looks like my guitar thinks I'm constantly holding the left on the virtual d-pad. Is there some way to set up manually?

Yes, it sucks doesn't it? My brother has to unplug his guitar from his 360 whenever he's playing other games because of it. Same thing on my PS2 if it's in the browser menu with the guitar plugged in.
Posted by 15th June, 2007

Pity people are too lazy to get PS2 adapters.
Posted by Ganymede Graphics 18th June, 2007

How do i use a 360 controller with a pc? The controller uses a usb thing that i assumed you plug into the usb ports in the pc. It tries to go through that hardware setup wizard but i can't install it cause it didn't come with a disk. Nothing happens when i ignore it, the controller is unresponsive.
Posted by Ganymede Graphics 18th June, 2007

oh, and i did follow the troubleshooting thing in the guitar testing in the program.
Posted by Jason Orme 18th June, 2007

360 controller you just plug into the usb and it connects to the internet and downloads what you need.
Posted by DaVince 20th June, 2007

I don't see a thing in the screenshots.
Posted by 21st June, 2007

They appear to have moved to
Posted by Mårten 21st June, 2007

There I changed to the new URL. The screenshots should be seeable now. Sorry about that
Posted by Joakim Hölm 7th July, 2007

i wish i had a gutar
Posted by Dr. James MD 31st July, 2007

I don't have a GH controller since I don't like the games, shame.

Would be awesome if someone made an extension that picked up sound from a line in and could read pitch. Pipe dream.
Posted by 4th December, 2007
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