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Quest West
Author: Mårten Submitted: 2nd July, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 267

This is a skillbased sidescrolling shoot'em up inspired by the trip-mode of old NES classic Balloon Fight.

Fly the little green bugger through a course of many lurking dangers and try to score high while at it.

I made it a few months ago but didn't upload because I didn't have time to write any music for it.
Anyway, I'm releasing it as it is for you to enjoy!

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Posted by Mårten 2nd July, 2002

Sneaky Tripod sack of wack, sneaking up behind my back! The screenshot is viewable on the download page if it's that important. Please message share your final scores. It would really help me evaluate the balance in scoring (isn't there another word, I feel naughty talking about scoring all the time)
Posted by Nobuyuki 3rd July, 2002

you need to get your brain out of the gutter, then... play a shooter game and score millions of points, then you'll get used to it ;)
Posted by Mårten 4th July, 2002

Scores... millions... sweet(s)... You need to get 250 pts. to get the A rank (and all the bonuses that goes along with it)






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