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Duel Blasters 3000
Author: Jack Dark Submitted: 27th July, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 75

In the year 3000, two space women compete endlessly in a game of Duel Blasting for the chance to win the Golden Heart Trophy. Besides their own opposition, they must deal with environmental annoyances and face all manner of space beasts. Furious 2-player hotseat action, 15 levels, lots of electro-music.

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Posted by -Liam- 27th July, 2007

Congratulations! Well done!
Posted by Tim 27th July, 2007

You just know that every one under the age of 21 will be downloading this.
Posted by Del Duio 27th July, 2007

Naked purple chicks!?
Posted by Jack Dark 27th July, 2007

I want to mention that this is my -first game ever-... so, there's a few small graphical glitches sometimes, but no show-stopping bugs (that I know of). I plan to make bigger and better things of course, but you have to start somewhere, right?

The "under the age of 21" thing is really just a catch-all because you know how the net is and what not.
Posted by -Liam- 27th July, 2007

I wouldn't be able to do it, but what would make this really good is a 1 player mode. Really good game though for your first. It's better than any of mine =/

Looking forward to your next creation!
Posted by Jack Dark 27th July, 2007

Thanks. I thought about putting in some rudimentary AI for single player but decided to just wrap it up for a release this week. I am working on a new single player game now, but the gameplay is very different than this release.
Posted by Tim 27th July, 2007

It's alright, if anything the graphics make this game - very good artwork - though the magnified circle things could do with changing.. hehe.

It's good for a first game - very good. It was a bit confusing as to what you had to do though, but as I say - you have skills in graphics/pixel art and it'd be cool to see your gfx in more games like say, shoot 'em ups or a platformer - would be cool.

And maybe an under 21's game too?
Posted by Matt Boothman 27th July, 2007

I was going to download this and review it, but I have a policy of not downloading exclusively two player games. Like I have a friend?
Posted by ben mercer 27th July, 2007

Play with yourself, stupid
Posted by -Liam- 27th July, 2007

LOL @ Ben's comment
Posted by Jack Dark 27th July, 2007


Thank you for your positive comments on the graphics. I am working next on a single player shooter--of sorts, as my next project. I have a fairly unique idea on how I'm going to do the graphics for it... I think it'll turn out unique in an aesthetic aspect if nothing else.

>Matt Boothman

I can understand where you are coming from in that regard. However, I should mention that half of this game's 21 megs is actually a whole other game hidden inside Duel Blasters 3000 as an easter egg. And it's a single player game. I won't tell you guys how to find the secret game yet though, I'll see if anyone can find it on their own. And even if you don't download Duel Blasters 3000, there's an optional download for the over 18 minutes of original music for the game available too (at the site).
Posted by Matt Boothman 27th July, 2007

I'm not sure too many people would appreciate downloading 10.5MB of a game hidden inside another. Surely if it's 10.5MB, it's large enough to release on its own?
Posted by Jack Dark 27th July, 2007

Well the bandwidth burnt is on my end, so if you've got highspeed 10 megs shouldn't be an issue. And the hidden game is definitely not the sort of game I'd release out in the open.
Posted by ben mercer 27th July, 2007

Why didn't you put the multiplayer game inside the singleplayer game instead of vice versa?

Nobody is going to find your easter egg if it means motonously playing a two player game on your own until you discover the easter egg by accident.
Posted by Jack Dark 28th July, 2007

Because the single player hidden game isn't as good as the multiplayer obvious game, and is better suited as an easter egg.

See the idea here is actually for two people to play Duel Blasters 3000 together. It's actually fun (IMO) if you have another person around.

If not, there's already tons of single player freeware games out there. But personally I'd like to see a few more two player hotseat games.
Posted by -Liam- 29th July, 2007

Nope, I cannot locate it. It could be anything. The press of a button, playing a certain ammount of levels, shooting a certain object, etc etc...

C'mon, you have to at least give us a clue
Posted by DaVince 29th July, 2007

What the... 21?! As if 19 isn't old enough for games like this.
Posted by -Liam- 30th July, 2007

I'd say 16+
Posted by DaVince 30th July, 2007

Bah, 15+ even. There's not much erotic stuff going on.
Posted by Jack Dark 30th July, 2007

Well in Duel Blasters 3000 there -is- an actual naked fairy spewing bullet-deflecting hearts everywhere at times. But it's that notoriously difficult to find hidden game that earns the 21+ rating. So I'll give you guys a hint about finding it... you find the hidden game from the DB3K title screen.
Posted by -Liam- 30th July, 2007

ZOMG I'm onto it. I think... I did manage to locate a floating Easter Egg and rotate/change the colour of two expanding and retracting heart-like things. Am I close?
Posted by Jack Dark 30th July, 2007

You are very close! The hearts are red herrings. Now all you have to do is figure out how to crack the egg. Just remember... you always crack an egg -in the middle-. So think about hitting the egg using the middle of the thing you found the egg with in the first place.

Just be sure you're alone if you do manage to crack the Easter Egg wide open.
Posted by Zezard 31st July, 2007

The game is kind of good.
However I still think that you should have waited until you had a single player mode. It's not terribly hard making some kind of AI, and you can get so much more game-time out of it.

The graphics are great, but you should mention that it includes erotic content, since some people can find that very intimidating (not me though ;D).

Why is the download so big? I really don't get it. Only graphics could take that kind of space, and there aren't that much graphic as it seems...
There must be a way to make it smaller.
Posted by Jack Dark 31st July, 2007

The game's so big because:

There's 10 megabytes of graphics. About 3 megabytes of that's used for Duel Blasters 3000. The other 7 megabytes are used in the hidden game. Granted I could of used a different format for the graphics and restricted the palette, but this was my first game and I wasn't really thinking about file sizes so much as "how can I make this work".

There's 11 megabytes of original .OGG format music, written by myself specifically for this game. I didn't want to use MIDIs, because I'm sick of MIDI music personally. 11 megs seems big but there's over 18 minutes of music in the game, and almost all of those tracks are self-loopable.

Listen folks, if you just load Duel Blasters 3000 up and screw around with it by yourself the game's not going to be any fun and you'll probably turn it off after two or three minutes. To experience Duel Blasters 3000 the way I intended, you need to actually find one other person to play the game with. After that, play a few rounds together and you'll start to see the insane monsters, power-ups, and hilarious bugs occur... and maybe even get to hear some of the music.

However, now that I realize almost everyone seems to play games by themselves, I plan for my next few releases to be single player games. I've already started on the next one, it's called CipherSlicer. I think you'll all like it a lot better. But remember, Duel Blasters 3000 was my -first- game, and you need to try it out 2-players if at all possible before you make your final opinion.
Posted by -Liam- 31st July, 2007

Well, well, well... I appear to have found the secret single player game. Finnished it, too. That last level took a fair few goes though!

All I can say is wow, scary stuff! I see why you put down 21+, but those Japanese style pictures always creeped me out a bit.

Anyway, well done with the game, professionally made and fun to play. Really looking forward to CipherSlicer.
Posted by Dr. James MD 1st August, 2007

You look the spit of an old friend! I might get proof. But I'm on my lonesome so I won't download
Posted by Jack Dark 1st August, 2007

For a second there, I thought you said I "lick the spit of an old friend". 0_o
Posted by Jack Dark 2nd August, 2007

Well I made everybody wait long enough, so here's how to get to the "secret game":

At the Duel Blasters 3000 title screen, simply left click on the Golden Heart Trophy image. An actual literal Easter Egg will appear. Next middle-click on the Easter Egg and it will break apart and spew forth the hidden game, Shunga Lord.

Please keep in mind if you play Shunga Lord that it's seriously 21+ adults only material, even if the artwork is high art of the Edo period.
Posted by AfterStar 9th August, 2007

While the nudity in the normal game is at an acceptable level, the images in the minigame are disturbing for minors.
Octapus&women lol...what's next.

Make some AI for singleplayer,get rid of the minigame(too big anyway 10mb of pictures)or replace it and you have yourself a nice game.
Posted by Jack Dark 9th August, 2007

I agree the minigame is not acceptable for minors, hence the 21 or older disclaimer on the download page.

I appreciate your constructive criticism though. I am working on a single player game right now.




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