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Rap attack: 2pacalypse now
Author: Paul g Submitted: 16th September, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 127

Edited By Paul g on 9/16/2007

The story begins the fateful year of 2007, when in the midst of a cosmic and heavenly battle between two of the greatest rap messiahs in heaven, 2pac and Biggie Smalls, 2pac slays the rapper formally of badboy entertainment, and for fills the prophecy once spoken by mortal toungue, allowing him to return to the land of mortals to conquer rap forever, and destroy the world as we know it, prophets named this event the 2pacalypse.

Young rappers from around the world, feel the disturbance, knowing for well 2pacalypse is nigh.

It is your job, young hero, to conquer all the mortal rappers, to rise to the most illest rapper on the planet, sharpen you rap skills, and face-off against the immortal 2pac and stop the 2pacalypse now, and save the world as we know it, in the most epic RPG/SHOOTER ever made....

A entry for the b-games comp @

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Posted by Paul g 16th September, 2007

Game of the year? or best game ever, you decide!

Posted by Ski 16th September, 2007

This is like something Waffleton would make, you're not actually Waffleton are you? o_O
Posted by Paul g 16th September, 2007

nope, u should download the game tho, its tight.

8 playable characters, each with unique start stories, and 8 possible endings also. Unlock all the characters.
Posted by steve 17th September, 2007

is it game over after "chamillionair"? my game just closed/crashed after I beat him.

This is quite fun for a joke game it's in the same league as Ketchup Kamel etc, probably made by the same person

Posted by Paul g 17th September, 2007

No theres heaps more, the crashing is like a feature. If you want to skip back there, use enter to skip dialog scenes.
Posted by steve 17th September, 2007

that's an awesome feature.. actually I want to change my vote to thumbs up, is that possible, admins?

I'm serious the game is quite fun lol.
Posted by Paul g 17th September, 2007

I would actually prefur if you rated me down, im going for worst b-game ever to win the competition, more thumbs down the better.
Posted by alastair john jack 18th September, 2007

kcuy si par
Posted by DaVince 18th September, 2007

.si htlif ,oN
Posted by viva/volt 18th September, 2007

!nuf si sdrawkcab gnipyT
Posted by Paul g 18th September, 2007

struh it gnidaer
Posted by Johnny Look 18th September, 2007

you guies are giving me headaches
Posted by X_Sheep 19th September, 2007

Detarrevo si gnipyt sdrawkcab.
Posted by gustav 20th September, 2007

sorry paul, i gave it a thumbs up ...
Posted by Aliashoj 23rd September, 2007

... Lol
Posted by Del Duio 26th September, 2007



A magic spell?

Posted by Del Duio 26th September, 2007

Oh, and no Chuck D? C'mon!





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