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Author: grickmin Submitted: 10th February, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Real Time Strategy Downloads: 312
132nd Place     (4.07 / 5)

A 2-player strategy game which is about to destroy the enemy base. To do this youŽll have to upgrade your age to gain new improvements and units, to collect coins, and of course to survive and battle your enemy!


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Posted by Muz 11th February, 2008
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Cool.. this reminds me of a game I was making but couldn't find out how to turn it into a game. Still doesn't beat Siege though

4* for not having a documentation, but 5* for not needing one
Posted by Guru Rinpoche 11th February, 2008
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Really nice, simple, fun, quirky. Some music might have been nice, though...
Posted by grickmin 12th February, 2008

Thanks for the comments Image. There is music and sounds but IŽm sorry the sound level is very low. YouŽll have to turn the volume up to be able to hear. There isnŽt in-game-music, although.

Please visit my forum if you want to follow the creation of my other game-plans:
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Posted by Dickyr79 12th February, 2008
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only two player game '
It's no fun if you don't have a computer controlled enemy ,I'm not really into these games either

Posted by Attan 12th February, 2008
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Love it! Simply a good game.

of course an AI would be good, since many geeks don't have much friends in real life, and the geek percentage on this site is probably pretty high.
Posted by Torava 12th February, 2008
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I thought this is a game by Nifflas.
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Posted by Dr Botox 12th February, 2008
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Yes mayor geek here, only have a girlfiend and a computer (all i need) but the a.i would have been a nice option...but that would be almost impossible with a game like this.
Very good looking game easy to use

thumps up
Posted by Guru Rinpoche 12th February, 2008
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Yeah, some in-game music would be nice...and AI wouldn't be too difficult...most of the game is "AI" as it is (where bullets go, where coins fall, how far out certain units trave) wouldn't be too hard for the computer to interpret the number of coins it has, the number of coins on the field, if its being fired upon, etc, and act accordingly.

But yeah, my gf HATES computer games and even she had some fun playing this with me.
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Posted by grickmin 12th February, 2008

An AI isnŽt impossible. If IŽll make a sequel IŽll presumably add an AI, some more backgrounds (levels), more units, more ways to gain coins and other stuff.
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Posted by Hempuli 12th February, 2008
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Very nice. The battle arena could have a bit more stuff (trees?)

Also, the selector in the beginning is awful. I can help you to make it proper (and there's surely lotsa tutorials for how to do it properly)

The sounds were quite nonsense, actually I missed proper sound effects more than music.

Also, there could've been some more defending units.
Posted by Hempuli 12th February, 2008
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Oh darn, forgot to check that box.
Posted by Tropik 14th February, 2008
Rated :

Good Idea
Posted by Hill Gigas 15th February, 2008
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It's pretty good, but I'll be more looking forward to your sequel with a single player mode!
Posted by Airflow 17th February, 2008
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Reminds me of ant wars at a glance.
Posted by The Chris Street 18th February, 2008

Next time please give a better description...

*glares at the admin who accepted this*
Posted by grickmin 19th February, 2008

I know. Somiumstrike 2 will include a better description.

Check out this link if you want the "Somiumstrike: Units and improvements guide".
Posted by Airflow 22nd February, 2008
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This game rules.
Posted by MBK 27th February, 2008
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Not bad ...





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