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Brave Honey Bee
Author: grickmin Submitted: 13th May, 2008 Favourites:1
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 358
147th Place     (3.94 / 5)
Game of the Week Winner

Edited By grickmin on 5/17/2008

Edited By grickmin on 5/17/2008

Hereīs my entry for The Twenty Event competition! Itīs called Brave Honey Bee and itīs about a brave bee who is searching for the stolen honey!

Left + Right - Move bee
S - Fly/Jump
A - Place a savestation

Note: Savestations can only be placed at blocks with a thin, yellow line at the top.


Game by: Grickmin
Inspired by: Psychosomnium (cactus)
Music by: AA. Kurtz
Thanks to: Nifflas

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Posted by danjo 14th May, 2008
Rated :

this is really good. if you're going to enter it. - MUSIC must be inside the file - not external.
Posted by grickmin 15th May, 2008

The two external mp3's don't have anything to do with the game (just the same music). The music in the game is in OGG which means quite bad quality. The two mp3's is simply for them who liked the music.

Thanks for feedback :>
Posted by Dr. James MD 15th May, 2008
Rated :

I like the look of this, download once I'm back on XP
Posted by viva/volt 15th May, 2008
Rated :

Wow this is very nice, I can really see the cactus influence too - which isn't really a bad thing to be inspired by.

I'll rate if/when I finish it.
Posted by viva/volt 15th May, 2008
Rated :

I can't get past this bit now >_< - anyway real nice presentation. You could have a good chance of winning, though I haven't seen any other entries as of yet.

Four stars because it doesn't seem perfect...
Posted by ~Zigzag~ 15th May, 2008
Rated :

I beat it, wonderful game. It gets a bit frustrating though. I died about 100 times in these two same places, but apart from that it was challenging but fun.

4.5/5 stars because its a bit too difficult in some parts and easy in the next and other reasons which I've forgotten.

Posted by erghhhhx 15th May, 2008
Rated :

Looks awesome, will DL and play NOW. =
Posted by erghhhhx 15th May, 2008
Rated :

Great game with good music, could have been a little harder/longer though.
Posted by AfterStar 15th May, 2008
Rated :

Nice little game,I like these sort of games like this, simple yet fun.

The last level on hard mode(before the honey) was extremely hard.You had to be precise by the pixel to make it through...I must had made a thousand tries before passing it.
A little short though,so I give it a 4.46/5 stars.
Posted by BeefCake! 15th May, 2008
Rated :

wish it was a alittle bit longer, i liked it though good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Silveraura 15th May, 2008

Wait, are you saying the music quality is bad because it's OGG and/or it's in game or because you had to compress it to meet a size limit.

OGG files are your absolute BEST chance at getting MP3 quality music in your games, internally. Hell, entirely based on size to file size quality, OGG's are much better then MP3's. Even without the ratio, OGG's sound better.

Diamond: Revolution 2 used OGG's and you'd never be able to distinguish them from a media player.
Posted by grickmin 15th May, 2008

The difference between OGG and MP3 in the two tunes used in Brave Honey Bee was not big but there was a difference, and the mp3 did sound better (in my opinion).

Since AA. Kurtz made one of these tunes exclusive for Brave Honey Bee I wanted people to hear the songs in very good quality.

PS. Iīm not saying OGG sounds bad.
Posted by Silveraura 15th May, 2008

I honestly don't hear a difference.
Posted by Gardeos 15th May, 2008

Why didn't you include my in your review thing gricky! I'm uber.
Comment edited by Gardeos on 5/15/2008
Posted by Va1entine 15th May, 2008
Rated :

Good work grick!
Posted by Neuro 15th May, 2008
Rated :

Cute, simple, just the right length, difficulty is ok.
Posted by JustinC 15th May, 2008
Rated :

One thing that could be added is a timer and maybe a high score table to see how fast you can get through the game. Or at least a counter that shows you how many times you've died so you can see how you did.

Of course I'm not sure if these things would push it over 20 events. But you could maybe make a second version with those things put in.
Posted by grickmin 16th May, 2008

To Uber:
I've already told you that. No beta testers are included.

A timer would add an extra event so I couldn't add a timer.
Posted by 16th May, 2008
Rated :

great game!
Posted by Marko 16th May, 2008

Very good game, one that takes skill but is always fair on the player - good work!
Posted by Dr. James MD 17th May, 2008
Rated :

It's pretty good, but I think the level music should be in sync with the interval between button presses to stay level. I found myself sometimes getting too absorbed by the drum beat in the song and fell onto spikes.

I'd give it a 4/5 it if had some kind of rhythm feature like that.
Posted by grickmin 17th May, 2008

In fact, that rythm trick is actually meant to be in the game. It makes the game harder.
Posted by erghhhhx 18th May, 2008
Rated :

Probably gettin' my GOTW, yea..
Posted by CraigT 18th May, 2008
Rated :

Already voted as my GOTW, I liked alot.
Posted by Torava 18th May, 2008
Rated :

It looks good and music is nice, but I got bored it quickly because of its difficulty. Hard game. Well, maybe I am just inept player.

Why don't you use modules?
Posted by grickmin 19th May, 2008

You mean for the music? Because I simply got the music in mp3 files.
Posted by Skelux 19th May, 2008
Rated :

Great game! Four stars from me, I think it could of been longer but it was a very entertaining game while it lasted.
Posted by Torava 19th May, 2008
Rated :

Oh, ok. They just sounds like a module.
Posted by grickmin 19th May, 2008

There are no tricks in this game. Itīs just about pure skillz ;>

Glad you liked it^^
Posted by Sheexy 20th May, 2008
Rated :

This was fun, love the graphical style.

The only thing that bugs me is that when you start falling your wings grow by like 2 pixels, always managed to kill me when I had spikes kind of close above me.
I'd say maybe just make the bee body matter in collisions, but that might make it too easy.
Posted by Aaron Tomko 20th May, 2008

Very challenging at times, but lots of fun. Kudos grickman.
Posted by Joshua M. 21st May, 2008
Rated :

Wut? If I could choose I'd dump MP3 and go OGG all the way, OGG is better in every way.

The game is lots of fun though! Great game!
Posted by grickmin 21st May, 2008

The music in the game is in OGG, :> I've updated the download; deleted everything but the .exe file.
Posted by Va1entine 23rd May, 2008
Rated :

Very Good! Beat the game in one sitting, loved the intro music and the layout page was very well presented in the famous Grickmin style! The animation on the bee was excellent and well executed. Very clever little game engine and the save option was a great little feature! Would have been nice if u had an end boss like a red bee or somthing and maybe a little feature where Brave little bee gets tired and can only fly for so long! Anyway I know you had a limited number of events as ur entering the 20 event compo and thats cool but if i know Grickmin a sequel can fill the void! Fantastic game mate and looks like ur gonna walk away with the game of the week cup so congratulations and a very well done!

PS: I'm starting to think you have a thing for bugs
Comment edited by Va1entine on 5/23/2008
Posted by lamberski 24th May, 2008

Posted by Dustin Gunn 8th September, 2008

psychosomnium ring a bell?
Posted by Airflow 10th October, 2008
Rated :

I beet it on hard mode! Everybody else is giving it a 4 so i guess i will too.






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