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A Very Simple Game
Author: MBK Submitted: 18th February, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 274
205th Place     (1.78 / 5)

Edited By MBK on 4/28/2009

Edited By MBK on 4/4/2009

Well, the game is a platformer, with no enemies, and no time, and the most simple platform game ever really ... it looks noobish, but plays how it was meant to play, it's a short sweet game, that was my first to say I completed a game. I don't know how else to describe it other than to say it's a very simple game .. the controls are described in it. only uses the arrows and Shift to Jump.

Oh, and the goal is meant to be discovered to get to the next level .. that's part of the game .. it's easy to figure out anyway. And not a total mess at least like most the stuff I've downloaded off TDC.

To Clarify, I'm talking about those games meant to be bad, such a waste of space to make a game with the purpose of it being bad. This game is not meant to be bad, it's not really good either though, but it's quick and easy, and can be fun if you let it, plus it has a really small download size.

Made in TGF1
Safe for all ages
Made in TGF1
It's OpenSource .gam file

NOTE1 gam files can be played and altered by TGF1 and later products of ClickTeam, including MMF1, TGF2, and MMF2.

NOTE2 The exception to the rule is when a game needs extensions you'll have to get the MMF1, TGF2, or MMF2 version of the extension.

NOTE3 This game does not require any extensions.

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Posted by Cecilectomy 18th February, 2008
Rated :

for one if you want it accepted you are gonna need to fix your screenies and add a muchhh more detailed description. it may be self expanatory but it needs one none the less.
Posted by Cecilectomy 19th February, 2008
Rated :

all you do is put the link to the image
no html necessary.
put each image on a newline.
Posted by Cecilectomy 19th February, 2008
Rated :

its an upside down ? for the 'i' in my name

yes my name is cecil you got it right.

btw this is an interesting idea. trippy. the controls are a bit troublesome tho and even if it makes the game harder, never use the default platform movement.

glitch - i can go on a platform and hold down and the cloud thingy comes down and i can get on it and fly into the sun without having to climb any of the platforms.

hope your future endevours have a bit more work put into them as i think there is potential in you.

oh forgot one of the reasons for the rating. very poor level design. you can't beat the second level (i dont think) or a lot of them actually unless you modify the level design or use the glitch.
Comment edited by cec┐l on 2/19/2008
Posted by erghhhhx 20th February, 2008
Rated :

This is just weird. Why does he walk after a jump? And why does Down Arrow make him fall through floor?
Posted by Peblo 20th February, 2008

Hahaha, nice game
Posted by MBK 20th February, 2008

Thanks Peblo Image
But did you play through it ?

You Can get through the levels. Easily too. Cecil just isn't so good at platformers methinks. Image

Anyone play through without the trick ?
The jump on 2nd level is just the right distance to make it.
The best way to play a game with the default movement is to tap the keys left or right when jumping, unless it's a long jump.

Comment edited by MBK on 4/4/2009
Posted by Cecilectomy 20th February, 2008
Rated :

im not so sure im "not so good at platformers", i grew up on em and ive beaten everyone ive played. i dont usually play a game unless i intend on beating it.

hmmm playing it again i beat it but i stand on the issue of poor level design.

-level 2. that jump is a bit unexpected right at the beggining.
-level 3. the first platform is a tad high and hard to get onto and the rest of the level is a tad frustrating
-then likewise level 4 is supppper easy
-level 5 is near impossible with the default movement and shoddy platform collisions. i try and jump up and landing on the next platform launches me sideways?

and along with the trick i stated before. if you stand and hold up the cloud goes up. its a problem with how you are controlling the cloud movement. id put it in a group and disable it until you are actually on the cloud.

a few tweaks, a custom movement, and a bit of level design would make this at least a 3 star first game if not 4. and a little graphical work would help but is not expected of a newbie.
Posted by Tim 20th February, 2008

that's gotta be the strangest screenshots i've ever seen.... it doesn't show anything to do with the game, just tiny thumbnails of each level..!!?! why would anyone want to download it if they can't even see it?
Posted by steve 20th February, 2008
Rated :

extremely bad movement, annoying intro - "type start to begin"!? Then use the mouse and click "yes, I do want to play" this must have been inspired by "ketchup kamel" or something, right?

Posted by J.R.P 20th February, 2008
Rated :

i ll give you 5 frickin stars for this game!
Posted by Cecilectomy 20th February, 2008
Rated :

hahaha ketchup kamel was great. epic lulz. but i dont think this is the case.
Posted by viva/volt 20th February, 2008
Rated :

".. better than the crap I see on TDC.. " is a bit of an odd thing to say, modest aren't we?

Anyway I thought the movement was abysmal, there's hard games and then there's game that are hard because of controls or design flaws etc. This is obviously the latter. (Also why on earth do I fly off sideways when I jump twice?)

Oh and, type start?!

Well, regardless if this is your first game it isn't too bad.
Posted by Aptennap 20th February, 2008
Rated :

I had to cry when i saw this game
Posted by erghhhhx 20th February, 2008
Rated :

K, I've completed it. Its very easy with the "trick".

Still, one star.
Posted by Peblo 20th February, 2008

I beat it without the trick! What's the trick?
Posted by Cecilectomy 20th February, 2008
Rated :

the trick is cloud summoning peblo. you hit a secret combo and you turn into goku and fly into the sun.
Posted by Fish20 20th February, 2008

the trick is not to play the game.
Posted by MBK 20th February, 2008

lol fish20 ... nah, it takes only minutes to play Image

soon i will upload an engine and let you guys see some psychotic coding of mine. Image

Thank You for all the comments and ratings guys Image ..

I am pleased that you guys liked it Image

J.R.P. .. You Rock ! .. but I wouldn't even rate this 5-star, and it's awesome to me cause I finished something .. Image

@Cecil, Thank you for the advice dude, I'll keep it in mind for when I actually build something with alot of time invested.

@the one stars
I still think you were a little harsh on this to this day.
This game wasn't just the first I posted like most people, it was the first I ever made, ever.

Comment edited by MBK on 4/4/2009
Posted by ~Zigzag~ 21st February, 2008

Dude... Woah.... I hate the default platform engine, but apart from that it was bearable.
Posted by Kazuma 21st February, 2008
Rated :

It was kind of an interesting concept, I guess, but the default platform movement took all the fun out of it for me.

And fish20, your stuff isn't any better, Mr. Batteries-magically-reappear.
Posted by Raverider 24th February, 2008

Simple games are great, but the thing is that we have seen too many of these and most of them with much better presentation. Try adding some new ideas!

Anyway, congrats for finishing a game, that's a milestone that most clickers don't reach.
Posted by Velovix 21st July, 2008
Rated :

I'm not usually this sceptical, but this game was not simple, it was bad. The glitchyness not only made it harder, it made it worse. But I see potental in you, MDK. Keep trying, someday you could make something that everyone would enjoy.





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