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2.5d Platforming is still Alive!
Author: MBK Submitted: 16th July, 2009 Favourites:0
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Edited By MBK on 7/19/2009

Check out how far my 2.5d platforming project has come. (on the projects page here at TDC)
It's commented in some places and getting to be quite good.
You should be able to learn a few tricks from it if you can follow the code.

2.5d Platforming Engine Features:
-> Original Visual Layering System
--> Realistic Gravity
---> Landing on Platforms in 2.5d
----> Front Wall and Side Wall Jumping (glitches fixed)
-----> Landing Shadow and Original Lookaround system
------> A new 3d-ish Platform made by Jon C-B
------> More to Come!

The 3d-ish Platform was made by Jon C-B and edited by me to fit in with my positional code.

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Posted by erghhhhx 18th July, 2009

It's getting better, but is still far from done. Sometimes the collision don't register and the running feels a lil' strange.

Still, good job. Keep it up!
Posted by MBK 19th July, 2009

What do you mean the collision doesn't register?
Where at? When? .. Let me know so I can fix it!

What's strange about the running? .. The animation?
Thanks for the encouragement TA!, I appreciate it, but I need some details.

Btw, did you try out the Camera View? (Press V)

Posted by erghhhhx 19th July, 2009

*Animation is fine, it's just that the doubletap is too "fast", I guess.

*When I stand on top of one of the platforms and try to jump to the next one, sometimes I fall down even when I shudda' made the jump.

If you need more specific information or a screenie, PM me.
Posted by MBK 20th July, 2009

Hit the V key dude. Move the orange thing down and look at the platform shadows. See where they are? Hit the V key again to exit camera mode. I bet that you're talking about the third platform. That platform is further in the distance slightly.

You'll need to hold right and up while jumping. Pay close attention to the little blinking shadow that appears. When it appears that means you are over a platform and will land safely.

If hitting the same arrow quickly is too much trouble, please note that you can hit left then right or right then left quickly for the double tap running.
If you are jumping from a standing start, that might be why you don't make the jump. Try jumping while walking or running. You can hang off the edge quite a bit without falling, so use that to your advantage.

Posted by Va1entine 6th October, 2009
Rated :

Interesting stuff, its great thats its open sauce
Posted by MBK 7th October, 2009

Thank You Valentine!
It has many flaws of course, but it's good enough to make a game with and you don't really need to understand it to make something with it. Could easily just use what's there, add in your own platforms in the other directions of the actives and change it to the direction of the picture you wish to use depending upon the 2 x position points it lay between.

This may be the last update, at least for now, mainly because it's more hard-coded than I would like it to be. I'm going to start over and use the 3 values in a more efficient manner. I may return to it for coding practice (because it has taught me alot) and fix some of the flaws while adding some more interesting things. (such as to swim in water and swing on vines).






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