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Stick Warrior
Author: Zezard Submitted: 7th April, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 143

Edited By Zezard on 26/10/2014

Edited By Zezard on 2/23/2009

At first sight this might seem like a lame game, but it isn't. In fact it's... unlame, kind of...

A peaceful country has been enslaved by the Evil Warlord ESW. He is a brutal and merciless conqueror, and something has to be done. The heroic protagonist Stick Warrior is the only one, brave enough, to stand up against ESW and his minions.

A handful of groovy original music!
Saving feature (don't forget to use it as often as you can, this was made in TGF)!
Basic custom platformer movment engine!
Animated scenes!
All MSpaint graphics!!!
Progressive, passive, storyline...
Two endings!
Gameplay twist in the end (if you get the good ending)!

Shift or Z to jump
Ctrl or X to attack
Arrows to move
S (on map) to save - DO THIS AFTER EACH LEVEL!
Space to do som "skipping"
F2 to restart the ap
F4 + Alt to exit, if you don't want to use the window-GUI in your OS.

About it:
Much of the game was made a long time ago, spread over a long period. At first I only wanted to test some stuff in TGF, so I made what is now the first two levels, plus the menu and the map. Later on I made the rest of the levels, which is why they have more "levelspecific" stuff.
Some time ago I continued with this game, made the custom movment, a lot of bug fixing, the last stuff and some more...

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Posted by Guru Rinpoche 7th April, 2008
Rated :

Cool game, but slightly nauseating to watch (especially when climbing ladders). Neat style, though.
Posted by Roman-the-evil 7th April, 2008
Rated :

Style is good, but engine is buggy, game is still playable though. and fun
Posted by Fifth 8th April, 2008

I died against the boss in the third picture. When the game asked if I wanted to continue, I said "yes", and ended up back on the map screen, with none of the levels completed to any extent. I backed out and loaded, knowing that I had saved recently, only to find the levels just as uncompleted.

Is that normal?
Posted by Zezard 8th April, 2008

No, you are supposed to end up with the same progress as when you last saved when you press continue.
If you are playing the game directly via winrar or in wine on linux the saving might never actually occur though. The save file is unprotected, if that can help save your gaming experience.
Posted by NeoMonkey 9th April, 2008
Rated :

It was fun game.
Posted by erghhhhx 17th April, 2008
Rated :

This is what clickgames are all about! =
Fun game, with good action. But you could have worked a little more on the animations.

Gettin my GOTW-vote!
Posted by Zezard 18th April, 2008

Thanks Toxic!
I made most of the animations over a year ago, just to get something to work with when I tried some stuff out (I don't remember what).
What was a product of laziness turned into some kind of "style", which I later wanted to stay true to.
I do agree with that smoother animarion could have benefitted the style better though...
Posted by Zoglu 22nd April, 2008
Rated :

It was quite fun, but the saving system didn't work. Too bad.
Posted by Zezard 23rd April, 2008

I'm sorry for that. It works just fine on my vista system, and I never heard any complaints about that when I let friends test it. Only issue I noticed was that the app run in wine, but wasn't able to read nor write the save file. Thanks for playing and rating anyway.
Posted by Airflow 24th April, 2008

I like the style of this game. Huge sprites is a thumbs up!






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