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Review: Stick Warrior
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 18/04/2008

Hmmmm, Stick Warrior... sounds like a noobish game doesn't it? Well this is one of those games where the name does NOT do it justice. Stick Warrior is a surprisingly fun game with a lot of attention given to details.

You are... a stick man! And your mission is to... get to the other side of the island while beating everything you see with a big stick! Hmmm... a stick-man weilding a stick, brilliant!

The games engine is pretty basic, and can feel a bit slippery at times. However, it had an "Earthworm Jim" feel to it. The floaty movements almost added to the atmosphere and it fit! The combat is actually very fun, and it's ok to spam your weapon! You simply run up to an enemy and thrash it with your big stick! The gameplay felt very natural for this kind of game.

Graphics were well done. They were simple, but stylized and colorful. I was also VERY impressed with the boss fights. I enjoyed the giant water dragon fight immensely, it reminded me of De Rol E' from Phantasy Star Online. I like how so much time was spent making the boss fights more elaborate. Very nice work.

The sounds are also very well done. The music was well chosen and added to the feel of levels and situations. Sound effects were fitting as well.

Lastability can be quite high for most people. There is a nice save system which most people don't take the time to make. On the down side, the save system doesn't seem to work for everyone. I think this is because new operating systems like Vista don't allow games to write files to the hard drive in some of the ways they used to. Regardless, it should work for most people.

Overall, I really enjoyed Stick Warrior. The graphics are entertaining, the sounds are enjoyable, and the gameplay is fun. The game features a neat map, a save system, and great boss battles. The games official final score is 7.5, but I will round it up to an 8. ;) Recommended for most platformer fans!

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Posted by Zezard 19th April, 2008

Wow, I'm moved...
Thanks alot for the generous reveiw, I really appriciate it!


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