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Artillery duel
Author: EtelAttila Submitted: 28th April, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 81

Hi all !
This program is something like the old C64 Artillery duel. I made it with MMF2. You can play against your friend, or against the computer. Use the arrow keys to raise the cannon, and to add power to the shot. You can fire by pressing the space.
I know about some bugs in it, but this is just the first version. I am working on the problems.

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Posted by s-m-r 28th April, 2008
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Nice job for a first post here! The AI is deadly, the wind keeps things interesting (along with the ever-changing terrain), and you seem to have found a nice balance of challenge and ease of control.

A couple questions:
--what constitutes a kill? I could have sworn I hit the enemy tank a couple times, but it stayed alive even after what definitely looked like a direct hit.
--does the game end? I was leading the enemy AI with a score of 10 to 7, and decided to call it quits. Do you simply keep adding points, or should I have stuck around longer?
Posted by EtelAttila 29th April, 2008

Thank you for testing my game. So, if you hit the tank in the middle, you win the round. If your bullet only hit the body (!), you will see a little smoke, or something. The color of the smoke show you the progress of destroying. Four or five shot enough to destroy a tank, if you cannot hit the middle directly.
There is no predefined end of the game. You decide how long you play. As I wrote it is just the first version. I tried to make some more level, where you have to play 10+1 round against the enemy in special terrains, made by me.(like a huge valley with nowhere to hide, ect...)
We always playing 10+1 rounds with my friens.
Posted by Zephni 29th April, 2008

~ For some reason it won't boot on my PC =(
I'l rate if i can get it to work..
Posted by EtelAttila 29th April, 2008

Zephni, this application must run on every kind of machines, with Windows XP. I saw a laptop yesterday, it came with only 256 colour but works fine. Try to download it from my homepage, ( )
If nothing works, please write me an e-mail. I will fix any problem to help you.
Posted by Guru Rinpoche 2nd May, 2008
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Good game, solid gameplay. Though not as much replay value as, say, Scorched Earth, still pretty fun. Maybe try adding in some different types of weaponry? Carpet bombs, napalm, etc.
Posted by erghhhhx 5th May, 2008
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Basicly a clone of SE, really good job. But, as Rinpoche said, some more weapons could make this really interesting.
Posted by Simon Colmer 5th May, 2008
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ye i like this game too - online gameplay would be cool!
Posted by EtelAttila 6th May, 2008

Yeah, in my future plans I will make online games. But Multimedia Fusion 2 has got so many new things, what I never tried. You know I am making games since 1996 with Klikk'and'play, but my MMF2 projects are younger than half a year. So I need to learn a lot before writing really good games.





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