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Author: EtelAttila Submitted: 7th June, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 64

Hi kids!

This is a very simple game, the only task is to find pairs for every hieroglyph on the wall. At the end of every turn your pyramid will grow equal to your score. Try to build up the
biggest pyramid.
Go on!

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Posted by Szandra94 8th June, 2008
Rated :

Best of all! I love it
Posted by Fish20 8th June, 2008
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This game was so fun! If it didn't end after 7 games, I almost couldn't stop playing. Thank you for making such a great game!
Posted by EtelAttila 9th June, 2008

Thank you Panda.
What is your best score?
Posted by Szandra94 9th June, 2008
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2 things: It would be better if i could play it online, and if i could check my high-scores. (remélem jól írtam..:S)
Posted by Fish20 9th June, 2008
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64 feet. Is that bad or good?
Posted by Graeme2408 9th June, 2008
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Very good game to pass some time with.
Posted by s-m-r 9th June, 2008
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Quite fun! I found myself playing a quick match here and there. My best score is somewhere between 125 and 130, at the moment. It might improve over time...We'll see.

Bug note: At the end of every round, if you don't let the animation of the pyramid end before clicking to the left side of the screen to continue, you jump to the next frame and your score doesn't add up properly.
Posted by EtelAttila 11th June, 2008

Thank you s-m-r. This is why I need more testing before uploading my games anywhere.

For Red Panda : we have to pass 7 levels, and we have got 32 pairs on the board. This means 224 points total. If you can find every pair in a round, you will get bonus points. In the first level you have 45 seconds to find them. this must be enough to clear the board. Start with the most simple hieroglyph, and after the difficult one. So leave the humans to the end, start with the signs, continue with the birds. This is about 16-18 points. If you stop here, it means 120-130 points at the end.
Posted by s-m-r 11th June, 2008
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Glad to help, EtelAttila.

As for strategies to do better at the game, I normally look for the distinct shapes first. That means the circles, the wavy lines, the ankh, the table with food on it, the ark/boat picture, the seated lion, etc. only after those first shapes are found do I even begin to look at the human figures. The next easiest shapes to notice are the person pouring water from above their head, the two human figures with their hands outstretched, and the seated figure with the 'antlers' pointing out to either side of its head.

I'm not so skilled at this game, but with practice one can consistently earn over 120 points per game. My top score is currently just over 135 at this point.
Posted by Roseweave 16th June, 2008
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It is a very challenging game but the problem is it's a little too challenging. Distinct shapes are obviously a lot easier for your brain to recognise. But it doesn't ever feel like I'll be able to clear a level 100% which is very dishearteneing It's something you should keep in mind.





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