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Prison mistake
Author: DBZgamez Submitted: 19th June, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 56

Edited By Rikus on 6/19/2008

This is a small demo of the game im working on now.Its about a man who is rongly aqused of a sloder house. He was simply in the rong place at the rong time.When he was walking down a road near his home on the way to his girlfriends house when he hurd loud screaming in a small building up the road it was faint so it was hard to hear.He kicked in the dore and saw no one.Then he saw a dore and hurd the screams again.He ran to the dore and opened it slowly he peaked in and saw a red neon light. he ran down the steps and what he saw made him sick their were dead bodys laying in a pile in a corner and a man quikly jumping thrue a broken window he yelled "STOP"!BUt the man just kep going.Then sudenly S.W.A.T ran in the dore and pined him on the ground then dragged him up the stairs and in to a truck. The next day week the jundg didnt want to here any thing he had to say he senticed him to a life in hell. Where they put him was almost identical to hell. Now he must face brutule traps to get out of this place and claim his inasents.

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Posted by Muz 19th June, 2008

Man, that game is tough.
Posted by 19th June, 2008

The biggest prison mistake of all is dropping the soap.
Posted by DBZgamez 20th June, 2008

MG2K5 that is soooo true
Posted by AndyUK 20th June, 2008

Could you try running your writing through a spell checker next time?
Posted by DBZgamez 21st June, 2008

sorry about that captain andyman im a bad speller as u can see love ur games by the way
Posted by Falcon Eaglehawk 24th June, 2008
Rated :

Umm... Why this looks like Neuro's Paroxysm?
Posted by DBZgamez 24th June, 2008

turrican yes its simalure but i have just seen paroxysm after my game was made

Posted by MBK 25th June, 2008
Rated :

I flew through this demo. It was annoying the first few trys until I realised that it isn't a tough game at all, it just fools you into thinking it will be.

It's quite bland and much the same as every other platformer. You've got to add something else into the mix, and fix the platforming movement, cause it's glitchy. Did you just use a pre-made movement ? ... well, anyways, it could become a good game, but you should have waited until you had a bit more to show off before releasing a demo.

This your first game ? ... it's good if so, but I am rating it 2 cause I think you can do better.

Posted by viva/volt 26th June, 2008
Rated :

This seems a lot like Paroxysm, there's no problem with being inspired though. It was a great game!

Yours is a little annoying because it's hard in a few of the wrong ways.

One hit kills are ok I guess, but then don't have lives if the player is going to die a lot (and don't exit the app when you have 0 lives?!).

The default movement makes this kinda hard to play and you should use a collision box and position the player sprite on it so that collisions don't change.

If this is your first game... Well it's a lot better than my first (unreleased, never will be!). I'll go with 2 stars because I think you can do better too.
Posted by Moonyjacob 26th June, 2008

hmm so many typo's DLING
Posted by Hill Gigas 27th June, 2008

What country exactly was this guy arrested in?
Posted by DBZgamez 28th June, 2008

Ummmm idk i think iraq if i would have done the country





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