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Review: Prison mistake
Author: -Dark Martin-
Added: 20/06/2008

Well the the presentation of the game is... i still not sure what presentation means.

Well he uses a Default Movement which through my own experience is NEVER a smart choice. You basically pass through each leve by dodging traps, a bit like Tomb Raider i guess. The pain meter was pretty clever, i liked that. But it needs more work to make it fun and playable.

Um.... Well the graphics honestly are appauling, but he is a beginner so i'll cut him some slack.

There isn't any.o_0

It only stops lasting when you finally complete it after jumping.... and well just jumping over more traps.

This game is gonna need some serious work, it needs better GFX, it needs music and sounds. And it needs a custome movement, which i would recommend making before he start designing the game itself.

Sound and Music:

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Posted by Codemonkey 27th July, 2008

Posted by Falcon Eaglehawk 11th August, 2008

OMG there's too much typos...


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