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The Battlefield
Author: Ikoone Madsen Submitted: 29th June, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 143

Edited By Ikoone Madsen on 6/29/2008

Edited By Ikoone Madsen on 6/29/2008

Ever wanted to try to be a part of a big, historic battle?
Well, here's your chance in a safe enviroment! The Battlefield gives you the cheers, the battlecrys, and the deaths of hundreds of people!
It even contains a reward to the skilled warrior!

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Posted by Zezard 29th June, 2008
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Hehe, fun little game.
I have a sister who have been living in Copenhagen for a year...

The "mighty warrior" was a nice surprise! I can't be too generous with my stars though, I save the third one for apps with a little more effort put into them.
Posted by phanto 29th June, 2008
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<3 General Q'ish

Nice little game, killed a few minutes
Posted by Jarl Fenrir 30th June, 2008

Very simple, not bad, but too easy Image

How a single man could so easily kill 50 man in his first battle? (50 is my first score).

And what's the mighty warrior? It seems to be not working for me.

And there is one mistake with languages. I tried to translate all into polish, but when i was trying to run game in that language, game startet in english (i mena, when i'm tryin to enter my language, game starts immediately).
Comment edited by Jarl Fenrir on 6/30/2008

I think it could be a really nice game. What about making something like scenario for game?
Map could be reader from *.png file, spawmpoints and "points of winnig and loosing" from ini.
Then in each scenario you have to get to a given location, and defend another location from enemy
Would you mind, if i will make such game one day?
Comment edited by Jarl Fenrir on 6/30/2008
Posted by Jarl Fenrir 30th June, 2008

I figured out what's going on with General Q'ish. On my keyboard, he is being activated by "=" button, not "?" as it was written in the menu.
Posted by Falcon Eaglehawk 7th July, 2008
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I liked this. It was simple and epic but sadly kept playing only for couple of minutes. Will you make a 2d version if I make graphics for you...?
Posted by Ikoone Madsen 2nd September, 2008

Thanks for the feedback everybody, it makes it worth making games

> Jarl Fenrir
Thanks for noticing the keyboard bug, it's obviously because I've used a danish keyboard layout. I've changed the button to zero now, that should be more international

How to translate into your language:
1. Dublicate a language group in language.ini
2. Change the languagename in the branchets.
3. Translate ONLY the text after the = marks.
4. Start The Battlefield
5. Press ESC to cancel the automatic continue
6. Write the languagename in the textbox, as written in the language file.
7. Press Enter!

I didn't quite understand, what your idea about the scenario is about, I'll send you a mail about that...

> Turrican
I'd love to do a 2D version. But how would that work? I'll mail you about that as well




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