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Author: SyKo Submitted: 23rd July, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 172

Edited By SyKo on 7/25/2008

Edited By SyKo on 7/25/2008

Edited By SyKo on 7/25/2008


Simply put, guide a mechanical ball through a series of mazes and obstacles using the directional keys. The ball is constantly accelerating so trying to keep up with it result in abit of a panic attack at times.

Try to make it to the target in as little moves as possible.

15 Levels to get through along with one bonus level if you manage to score below 120 moves through out.

If at anypoint you get stuck (or frustrated) there is a "Level Skip" option that you can use by pressing the ESCAPE key.

Skipping a level will consist in a 50 move penalty

Alas, it's simple, its ripped graphics (ish) and its very straight forward mechanics. but its nice to know games like this can still keep you goin.

* Very sorry to mention (coz it makes playing the game all the more frustrating) the minimum number of moves you can finish the game in is 70! Best of Luck!


- If you collide and respawn, any attempt to move "Right" will not work from the starting position. Not quite sure why but
im working on it. Hope it don't bother you too much

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Posted by Assault Andy 24th July, 2008

That wasn't bad. It was a fun minigame. I liked the idea but I think it could be improved in a variety of ways:

1. The font didn't actually work for me. You have to take into account that people don't have the same fonts as you, if they are not standard fonts. You should use a basic font like Verdana or Arial or you should turn the text in the menu into a backdrop/active.

2. It would be nice in your following games to try to use some of your own graphics. I think this game would have benefitted if you had used more interesting backdrops that grey/gradient and library ones.

It wasn't bad. I think it would make a nice vitalize game. Good luck with your following games.
Posted by CraigT 24th July, 2008
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This is a fun little game, I notice at the top of the description it says Mazey! V1.0, I hope that means this is a sort of demo and you will make another version because it has potential, just need better (alot better) graphics and more levels (it was way too short).
Maybe some collectables to boost your score, for example some incentives to take riskier routes to the finish.
Also, the font didn't work for me either and the levels where the obsticles reapeared and disapeared were harsh, especially when you can't see them from the start of the level.
Posted by UrbanMonk 25th July, 2008

Fun, I was hoping for a little more, but good none the less
Posted by Toadsanime 26th July, 2008

Regarding Assault Andy's comment...

1) I prefer seeing fonts that are not often seen in games. SyKo, just remember to put the fonts in the zip file next time for those that don't have the font you use.
2) Agreed, your own graphics would of been a really positive addition.
Posted by SyKo 26th July, 2008

Cheers for the comments guys. Wasn't really expecting raving reviews on this or anything ill be honest. It was infact a sunday afternoon project that i made for my own personal entertainment. but i thought why be selfish eh?

Non the less, ill work on a Mazey V1.1 for the hell of it. I like the idea of powerups and bonus items. keeps the score system entertaining.
Comment edited by SyKo on 7/26/2008
Posted by Marko 28th July, 2008
Rated :

I liked this game, very neat concept that could quite easily achieve much more with some more new ideas and some small graphical overhauls. Good work!
Comment edited by Mark Radon on 7/28/2008
Posted by Fish20 2nd August, 2008
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This is a good game for anytime! With inmproved graphics I mght save this on my computer!





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