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Axiebal 7
Author: Hendrik Knaepen Submitted: 29th September, 2008 Favourites:1
Genre: Action Downloads: 350
91st Place     (4.3 / 5)
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The most recent episode in the Axiebal-series is still a mix of skill, puzzles and action, but thatīs about all it has in common with its predecessors. This time you control the ball from a top-down-view. The (now scrolling) levels are bigger, the visual effects more spectacular and the soundeffects cooler!

Guide the little ball through the levels, avoid all the dangers and pull off some terrifying stunts to obtain all the flags! It even contains a leveleditor, so if you want to, you can create your own levels or change the existing ones!

Play Axiebal 7 even today! The game is completely free!

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Posted by Codemonkey 29th September, 2008

This game looks amazing! Did you make the graphics yourself?
Comment edited by -Codemonkey- on 9/29/2008
Posted by Cecilectomy 30th September, 2008
Rated :

it looks amazing sounds amazing IS amazing. this is something that would do very well on the itouch/phone platform with the accelerometer.

very proffesional.

only problem i had were the menus. so many! i just wanted to play lol. but thats about it. very repetative gameplay but simple enough to like. keep making em better!
Posted by -Athan- 30th September, 2008
Rated :

nice game
Posted by Silveraura 30th September, 2008

And people made a big deal about how many sequels Diamond had. Right.
Posted by X_Sheep 30th September, 2008

Wow, I remember playing Actie-Bal on DOS forever ago. I must try this.
Posted by 緑葉 30th September, 2008
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Posted by Va1entine 30th September, 2008
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Posted by Lachie Dazdarian 30th September, 2008
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I love this game. Especially the original version where to zoom out you had to keep enter pressed. I see now how this was a much better solution. Zoom out gives you advantage, but to have it, you have to sacrifice one finger.

Hope Hendrik will revert that feature back.

The best aspect of this game to me is the design. And I loved the superb speech message. I think many commercal games would kill for such voice and performance.
Posted by UrbanMonk 30th September, 2008
Rated :

Very fun for a short time, Great Game!
Posted by Hendrik Knaepen 30th September, 2008

I didn't do that alone, my brother made a lot of the graphics too.

I'm not following?

"Aktie-Bal" (only available in Dutch) is the first game I made for "Idee Software", back in 1993 (published in 1994). I made a more modern but still faithful remake of it in 2004: "aXiebal 2004". If you're feeling nostalgic, you can download both games for free at my website ( The original ("Aktie-Bal") is now a part of "Retrobox".

@Lachie Dazdarian:
Ok, I put the first version back. Thanks!

@Everyone else:
Thanks for the kind comments!

Posted by alastair john jack 1st October, 2008

Nice game
What did you make it with?
Posted by Lachie Dazdarian 1st October, 2008
Rated :

FreeBASIC using SDL and FMOD. I think.
Posted by Hendrik Knaepen 1st October, 2008

Didn't use FMOD; SDL is used for sound.
Posted by Leander Leitner 1st October, 2008

I cannot play the game. The menu does not show any text. I only get yellow and red squares without text.
Posted by AndyUK 7th October, 2008
Rated :

Hmm the game looks nice, but it gets a little boring after a few levels.
It's just a simple collect em up with some nice graphics.
Posted by Rikus 7th October, 2008
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Posted by Lachie Dazdarian 8th October, 2008
Rated :

The gameplay expands a bit after a while, and the setting changes (background, tiles). You can truly experience this game only if you play all the levels, but if you are not hooked right are not hooked. I personally loved it.
Posted by Marko 8th October, 2008
Rated :

I thought this would be kinda dull... but it wasn't. This game has been put together perfectly; the graphics are nice and high-res (Construct made was it?) and the music is brilliant, probably my favourite part! Only the fact that the game is so simple in design and fails to offer more replayability does this not get 5/5. Though hats off to you, this is impressive!
Posted by Airflow 12th October, 2008
Rated :

Posted by DaVince 12th October, 2008

"Idee Software"? What a cheap name. Very much derived frrom iD Software.

Looking good, will try this. I already suspected you were Dutch, too.





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