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Review: Axiebal 7
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 02/10/2008

Here is a very unique and well made game called Axiebal 7. Your mission is to guide a giant ball through a series of maze-like levels while collecting flags along the way. The first thing that really struck me while playing is how excellent the game looks. This is very professional work and is worth playing at least once, even if it's not your type of game.

The ball physics engine is very well done and just "felt" right. I would compare it to Marble Madness in that if the controls did't feel real, then this kind of game simply wouldn't work at all. All you have in this type of game is the ball and it's interactions with the levels, and this game nails it. I really felt like I was rolling a giant rubber ball through an obstacle course.

Graphics are excellent as. The levels zoom in and out, with beautiful multi-scrolling layers as a backdrop. The water in levels looks very good, as well as other objects such as the flags themselves. The ball itself could have used some more detail, such as a pattern on the ball. Of course I realize that might have been nearly impossible to do, but something of that nature would have added a nice touch.

Sounds and music are very well done. There are vocals to announce progress and events, just like you might hear in the big arcade shooters. Sounds effects keep you rolling (heh heh), and the music is excellent as well.

Lastability suffers only from the fact that despite the beauty of the game, you're basically still rolling a ball collecting flags. This by itself is very fun for a while, but that alone isn't quite enough to keep players coming back again and again. Maybe in a sequel it would be nice to incorporate some kind of purpose or storyline to help connect the levels, or give the ball an identity of some sort, even if it's just for the title screen. I guess what I'm saying is that adding a bit of personality could go a long way in such a technical masterpiece.

Overall, this is a very well made game that deserves a look by any kliker. It implements a wide variety of visual effects. It may be lacking a bit in terms of depth and story, but the technical achievements and beautiful graphics make this well worth the download.

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Posted by Airflow 12th October, 2008

You're writing is very easy to read. I didn't need to pause to make sense of anything, thankyou.


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