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Prompt Critical
Author: syn9 Submitted: 9th October, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 186
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Edited By syn9 on 10/9/2008

Prompt Critical is a frenetic space shooter
by Daniel M Kennedy (syn9)
Hideout Productions / Team Synergy
syn9 [at]

Requirements -

5MB Disk Space
Windows NT/XP/2K
OpenGL Supported Video Card

09 OCT 08 - Update v1.04
28 SEP 08 - Update v1.02
22 SEP 08 - Initial Release v1.00

Programmed in FreeBasic -
Uses OpenGL and Fmod.

How to play this game -

You are orbiting a worm hole and an enemy is coming through. It is
your job to destroy them. Most of the time they fire homing bullets
but sometimes they release a bullet bomb. If you do not shoot the
incoming bullets they will take your health down.

When you see the blue star shoot it. You will receive a random powerup
which can be health, missiles, or shields.

Destroying the environment and accuracy give you bonus points. As well
as not getting hit.

Controls -

Mouse Look
Shoot - Left Click / Spacebar
Switch Weapon - Right Click
Pause - ESC / P


Health - Outter lefthand bar
Clock - Inner lefthand bar
Ammo - Inner Righthand bar
Shield - Outter Righthand bar

Credits -

Programming - Daniel Kennedy (syn9)
Game Engine - syn9
3D Models - syn9
Music & Sound FX - syn9
Game Design - syn9
Assistant Game Design - Quinton Roberts (Eclipzer)
Game Clock - Eclipzer
OBJ Model Loader - syn9 / Dr_D
Beta Testing - Eclipzer / Deleter

Shout Outs -

Eclipzer, v1ctor, Topa, Aenyn, Rel, Alias, Lachie, Marcade, Dr_D
Deleter, Heude, Kiz, BadMrBox, Cha0s, SSC, Pete, bje990

Update v1.04 - 09 OCT 08

- Fixed timeout death bug after defeating boss
- Fixed snake disappear bug

Update v1.02 - 28 SEP 08

- Added online score board
- Can set default player name and team name
- Can set HUD color and alpha
- Revamped title screen song
- Enemies can no longer shoot you in the back
- Easier to shoot incoming bullets when they are about to hit you
- Slowed enemies down
- HUD includes descriptive text
- Fixed new high score bug
- New High Score window tells you your rank
- Slowed down bullet particles and made them dark red
- Fixed screen close bug
- Fixed cancel bug in options
- Added missile SFX
- Added better explosion SFX
- Added intro logo animations
- Fixed no win bug

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    (3.24 mkb )

Posted by Kisguri 10th October, 2008

Pretty, To bad you didn't do it MMF!
Posted by -Athan- 10th October, 2008

non-click games might get deleted
Posted by X_Sheep 10th October, 2008

-haywire- actually no. If games not made in MMF weren't accepted here, this wouldn't have shown up in the downloads list.
Posted by Silveraura 10th October, 2008

WHY do people insist on saying this is a click only site, even indirectly. Gah, this has been gone over so many times in so many different shapes in forms. Maybe we should put in in bold print on the top of the sight.
"Non-Click games are ALLOWED, but not eligible for GOTW."
Posted by Codemonkey 10th October, 2008

I thought they were
Posted by -Athan- 10th October, 2008

not that i hate them, but it's kinda looking weird, that's all. of course i appreciate it because it's not easy to make such a thing but don't understand it wrong please.
Posted by Marko 10th October, 2008
Rated :

Are non-Klik games not allowed to enter GOTW? I'm sure they are, aren't they??
Posted by Marko 10th October, 2008
Rated :

Oh wait, i'll rate this game now.....

Very good example of a standard shoot-em-up. Excellently executed, this game is commercial quality in everything but the actual gameplay premise. Very good!

Also, see my review.
Posted by Lachie Dazdarian 10th October, 2008
Rated :

Heh. I'm surprised you submitted Prompt Critical here. Not sure how some people here will react on 3D. I think you should submit your The Griffon Legend too. Much more "click-style" game and something I personally prefer over Prompt Critical.

Anyway, this was and will stay a 70-80% game to me. Despite offering small amount of content, the execution is brilliant and the gameplay continuously tense and addictive. Otherwise it would be a 3 stars game to me.
Posted by s-m-r 11th October, 2008
Rated :

Ultra-stylish shooter...! The Tempest comparisons are well-founded (that's my all-time favourite shmup). However, I felt it was a bit too disorienting and non-linear; though I made it to wave 10, I had no sense of any progress at all other than the frequency of enemies and missiles (or perhaps that was the point). After a while, it was too confusing to even attempt to know what I was doing.

I wish I had a subwoofer; I'm sure that background music is even more awesome with one of those.

Personally, I don't care whether or not it's a Clik game. Excellent work!
Posted by Marko 11th October, 2008
Rated :

Agreed with you, s-m-r. Who cares if it's Klik or not?
Posted by erghhhhx 11th October, 2008

Won't start for me... =/
Posted by -Athan- 11th October, 2008

even if it's not a click game, this is awesome too bad it didn't start for u
Posted by Falcon Eaglehawk 11th October, 2008
Rated :

Posted by Airflow 12th October, 2008
Rated :

Fast paced arcade action. That's all that matters.
Posted by sententia 26th October, 2008
Rated :

^ Agreed.

It took me a few tries but I finally got a high enough score to submit.






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