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Syn9's Gorevania
Author: syn9 Submitted: 5th December, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 255

Edited By syn9 on 12/5/2008

Syn9's Gorevania
by Hideout Studios
syn9 [at]

Version 1.0 - 12/05/08

Syn9's Gorevania was programmed in two weeks for a zombie game
programming competition with the developer's from Hideout Studios.

Programmed in FreeBasic

Uses GLFW for Graphics and Fmod for Sound

How To Play
Use your shotgun and grenade launcher to blast away at the zombies.
Pickup the medical box to regain health. If you get bit by a zombie
your infection bar will begin to rise. Stop it from rising by picking
up a needle. Make sure to grab all the shotgun shells and grenades
you find so you dont run out of ammo.

Remember, stand too close to one of your grenades and you'll hurt
yourself too. >P

Left - Left Arrow
Right - Right Arrow
Jump - Up Arrow
Fire Shotgun - Space
Fire Grenade - CTRL
Aim Grenade - Up/Down Arrow
Pause - ESC/P

Lead Programmer - Daniel Kennedy (Syn9)
Assistant Programmers - Dr_D, Quinton Roberts (Eclipzer)
Texture Artist - Syn9
Sprite Artists - Deleter, Chaoxor
Beta Testers - Deleter, BadMrBox, nkk_kan
Assistant Game Designer - Alias
Music - Title Song - Chaoxor
- Gameplay Song - Syn9 & MetalRedneck
Sound FX -

The Hideout Studios Team
Syn9, Eclipzer, Deleter, Heude!, BadMrBox, Dr_D
nkk_kan, Topa, Chaoxor, Alias, SSC, Nexinarus

Shout Outs
Heude!, Deleter, BadMrBox, Kiz, Dr_D, Aenyn, nkk_kan, Topa, RelSoft, Chaoxor
Eclipzer, Sarpedon, cha0s, Alias, SSC, Nexinarus, Marcade, V1ctor, Lachie

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Posted by caccolothemeaning 6th December, 2008
Rated :

Addicting! Love the 3D parallax but not the gore. I mean I love there's much but it seems that those zombies have gassous blood...

Outstanding work anyway!
Posted by Pan-tosser 6th December, 2008

I can't say enough about how well the colors are put together.
Posted by Knockturnal 6th December, 2008

How did you make the 3D effects?
Posted by Lachie Dazdarian 6th December, 2008
Rated :

I'm immortalized! LOL

Nice one. The 3D background is great, but the gameplay is somehow lacking. The engine (especially the collision), could use some tweaking.
Posted by Yami 6th December, 2008

When I start the game it freezes at the loading screen. =(
Posted by Assault Andy 7th December, 2008

Mine also freezes on the loading screen. And if I try to go to the options screen it freezes too.

I am using Vista & fairly new laptop.
Posted by Marko 7th December, 2008

Ditto for me about the above - i hope it's Vista's fault coz i hate Vista and want to pin as much onto it so that the divorce gets pushed through quickly!
Posted by moonbird99 7th December, 2008
Rated :

Loved it - come on how did you do the amazing 3D graphics?
Posted by syn9 7th December, 2008

Hey guys. all kinds of reports are coming in about the game crashing in the same spot under Vista. I had one report about the same problem under XP SP3. I'll get to it asap and post an updated version.

@moonbird99: I used Blender to make the scenes and exported them in .obj format. loaded them in my game and rendered them over the sky backdrop.
Posted by s-m-r 7th December, 2008
Rated :

Another fun game you've created here! The constant waves of zombies, huge explosions, and the soundtrack all worked together to encourage me to keep on moving until I beat it.

I also have a couple gripes about the level design being rather repetitive; when I played it for the first time, I initially thought that the level would simply repeat itself over and over, and that was a major buzz kill. There were also some movement engine and clipping issues I encountered, particularly on the second level where one could become stuck in the walls when pushed around by grenade explosions. Finally, I hoped to see a final cut scene with the evil doctor at the end once the boss was destroyed, but I know you were strapped for time to enter this into a contest.

Other than the things listed above, the game was really well put together, it looks fantastic, and I had a blast for the 20 or so minutes it takes to make it through. Well done!

PS: running Win XP, SP3, and had no problems running the game.
Posted by syn9 7th December, 2008

thanks for the feedback. thats a really great idea about the cutscene, when i release the vista update i'll be sure to include one >P
Posted by Zydek 8th December, 2008

Thought this might be interesting to check out, however when I load up the game and 'begin hunting', my character just falls through the ground 3 times and I get a game over...
Comment edited by Damon Verreault on 12/8/2008
Posted by erghhhhx 8th December, 2008

Heh... Wish I could play it. =/
Posted by JMT 9th December, 2008

No freeze, but I get a bizarre error when I begin where the character repeatedly falls through the bottom of the screen, quickly causing a Game Over.
Posted by alastair john jack 11th December, 2008
Rated :

Interesting game, a bit of fun for a while. The controls were a little annoying at times though.
Posted by LavaWave 23rd December, 2008

I'd wish I could have played it, The screenshots look great but I am getting the Vista freeze like a couple of guys who commented here v_v is there a way to fix that or something?





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