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White Abyssal
Author: -Athan- Submitted: 19th October, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 122

Edited By -Athan- on 10/19/2008

Hi, today took place a mini competition for game makers in Bucharest Euromall. Well, the judges said that the entries can be made in any program, but the game has to be made in 30 minutes maximum.

I used my laptop and MMF2 and made it! Well, actually, i made this in romanian. The original title is "Abisul Alb" but i translated it.

I won 3rd place with this(damn) because i didn't know what others would do. The guy who won the 1st place award, made a beat'em up game with frogs, and the second place award won a guy that made a racing game.

Well, White Abyssal is very simple, so i'm expecting at a lot of things like: this game sux" and all that things.

left and right arrows, space to shoot and "R" to restart.

Take care people!

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Posted by Marko 19th October, 2008

Not bad for 30 mins work! And place? Congratulations!
Posted by -Athan- 20th October, 2008

hehe thank you, i did my best for 30 minutes. i'm sure i could do better
Posted by Toadsanime 20th October, 2008

Seems good to me, too, I'll be downloading it momentarily. And congratulations on getting third place, even though you seem somewhat ungrateful to be in that position.
Posted by Marko 20th October, 2008

Yes, you sour-face git!
Posted by Fish20 21st October, 2008
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